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More on Lesnar’s situation with WWE

To follow up on the report of Brock Lesnar’s backstage tirade after the main event at Extreme Rules, apparently Lesnar was told a few weeks before the PPV that he would put over Cena, but as noted previously, Cena would be stretched out. Lesnar thought he was double crossed since Cena cut the “I am leaving” promo to end the PPV, yelling at John Laurinitis’s assistant backstage. The word we heard was that despite the temper tantrum, Lesnar doesn’t actually have heat with Cena.

The mentality within WWE is that despite his hefty $5 million contract, he isn’t one of their guys, and thus they want him to put over their talent – since they are unsure how long he will be with the company. According to Dave Meltzer, the decision to put Cena over at Extreme Rules was viewed by the Lesnar camp as a test to see if he would quit.

The working idea, at least as of last night, was to go forward with Lesnar vs. Triple H at Summerslam.

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  1. RJ Ace says:

    Lesnar should have to put some guys over, especially if WWE is paying him that much. He was built into a mega star during his first WWE run by plowing through almost every major star in the company at the time. The Rock, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Big Show, John Cena, and Rob Van Dam were all used to make this guy a millionaire and he owes something to the business in return. I like Lesnar and I’m glad he’s back, but unless he’s signing a long term deal, there’s no reason for WWE to sacrifice their entire roster again to help one guy.

  2. Robert Barron says:

    WWE is dirty. If you didn’t want him, then don’t sign him. For all of you people bashing Lesnar, read the story again. Lesnar agreed to put Cena over on the understanding that he could retain heat with a post-match beatdown of Cena. The WWE did “double-cross” him. If you just keep your word with Lesnar, everything would be fine, but the WWE continues to push people’s buttons.

  3. Robert Barron says:

    What are you talking about? He agreed to do it and he DID do it. That’s not the issue. WWE lied to him.

  4. Mike says:

    In all fairness he did just walk out on them 8 years ago out of nowhere so in turn wwe has every right to make him jump through some hoops knowing he could leave at any moment. Hell for that kind of money who cares.

  5. -J- says:

    bring him in to be a big ass punching bag?

    sounds like his last days in ufc…zing-a-ling!

    seriously, they have a great heel in lesnar and there is time for him to put over people but f*ck sake let him claim the position as a dominate heel monster first. He could have “hurt” cena and lost, minus the “never give up” shtick by cena afterwards. Then he could have crushed random mid to lower card guys like Kane used to do just interrupting matches and destroying guys.

    On the flip side now you have the drama of wondering if lesnar will actually snap, or quit…he is getting a sh*tload of money and his leverage is that he can snap and really hurt some guys or quit.

  6. micheal says:

    no wwe did not lie to him they dont know if he gonna finish off his one year contract or run away like he did in mmma last year beside he breaking rule he wont drug test because he know he test dirty for steriods

  7. RJ Ace says:

    @Robert- So Lesnar went against his word when he signed a multi-year deal with WWE originally only to bail after 2 years and that’s ok? I like Lesnar, but if WWE tells him to job to Santino Marella, he needs to do it. He shouldn’t just be handed everything on a silver platter like last time. I’m not saying WWE isn’t being shady, but Lesnar has quit WWE already, the NFL, and UFC. They need to protect their brand and make sure this guy isn’t gonna bail again.

  8. Joe says:

    Woo! Trips vs Lesnar at Summerslam. Called it!

  9. DeathNote81 says:

    I thought they were running some kind of “falling star” story with Cena, but he’s back to his winning ways already? That’s weak.

  10. Really? says:

    Why is Lesnar the one “outsider” they make put over their guys? Whether its boxers, Sumo wrestlers, or Snookie from Jersey Shore, WWE guys always seem to be putting over the outsiders.

    I’m not against him putting guys over, I just wonder why they only did this with him.

  11. Deathedge says:


    Agreed. That would of been the perfect story for him. Hell, they could of had him lose to Johnny Ace and let that be the icing on the cake. But nope, Super Cena has to have a big hoorah over Lesner. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

    As for Lesner putting people over… to a degree that’s fine but if he keeps losing big match after big match after big match, his drawing power will eventually erode. People will stop taking him seriously, and after a while he’ll be nothing but a glorified joke.

  12. Fisha695 says:

    I’ve seen some mentions online that the Hissy-Fit itself was a work created by the writers to try and put one over on the younger/newer wrestlers in the lockeroom (and obviously the internet).

  13. Steveoreno says:

    I am fine with them having him put over people but they should be careful how often. If they end up destorying his mystique like they did with Goldberg then they are just wasting their money. It’s Vince so that may very well be the case. He seems to like to bury people at the expense of his company.

  14. Kyle Christie says:

    Lesnar vs HHH at Summerslam. I thought that would happen and i havent seen RAW yet.

  15. Captain Ass says:

    In my book they should have Lesnar put a couple of guys over before they give him wins over anyone major. As far as I’m concerned, he should have to pay for his short notice leaving last year and then going to Japan when he had a no compete clause and violated it. Payback is a bitch, Lesnar.

  16. Robert Barron says:

    You people are severely underestimating the WWE. It’s not like if he leaves, the WWE is out $5 million. If he leaves, he gets nothing. There HAS to be a clause in this contract after the nightmare of a lawsuit the last time with Lesnar. That doesn’t excuse the fact that he left and could leave at any moment. However, he is working for his money and cannot afford to continue putting people over. That said, he obviously doesn’t mind doing it occasionally. He just wants to remain a relevant guy. WWE promised that in this match with the post match beatdown and they lied. Shame on them. And for WWE to pay $5 million for a midcarder doesn’t sound right to me. Why would WWE pay that much if they weren’t going to push him a little. Waste of money. The ratings aren’t going up because of Brock Lesnar.

  17. RJ Ace says:

    @Robert – I’m sure WWE does have clauses in Lesnar’s contract that they wouldn’t have to pay him if he bails again. The 5 million isn’t the point because that is chump change in the grand scheme of things for them. Let’s say WWE put Lesnar over John Cena, then Randy Orton, and then CM Punk in consecutive ppv’s. Then when it’s time to return the favor, Lesnar decides he’s burnt out again. WWE might save a few million if he quits after a few months, but now you’ve sacrificed your top 3 stars for a guy that’s not even there and you hurt the drawing power of those guys. I’m not saying Lesnar would try screwing WWE on purpose or that he even has an issue doing jobs. He put over Eddie Guerrero on his way out last time and did work through Wrestlemania 20. This guy has a track record though for quitting when things get tough. I agree with one of your first points when you said why even sign him if you don’t want him. WWE might have cost themselves long term money on Sunday, but I don’t disagree with what they did. I think they should make Lesnar prove that he wants to be a team player and help the company before helping him.

  18. jalan says:

    good discussion…i like not really knowing what the hell is going on. we ALWAYS know whats really happening and this is kinda fun. feels kinda real. is it a work? did wwe lie to him?, is lesnar throwing real fits? who knows. its nice to not really know. the only odd thing is cena had a torn bicep after ppv then on raw its not bad(until johnny ace). hhh said his arm was broke, lawler heard it snap but now its strained. something isnt right

  19. Sonia says:

    I thought the WWE was his employer who was paying him a great deal of money. Since when did an employer have to check with an employee regarding business. Lesnar is totally at fault here. Shut up and take the over price the WWE is paying you. I’m no fan of Cena, but at least he’s a company guy. Lesnar never was nor is he now. Boo hoo he didn’t get his way. He’s getting 5 million reasons whether he gets his way or not. He’s lucky he’s in the position he’s in. Shut up and do your job, even if its a JOB!

  20. A_FAX says:

    Its a work. Brock gets to keep his “heat” because they put out a worked story about him throwing a temper tantrum. Hello people. Its all a work.

  21. Darrin says:

    I really just would love to see angles go more than one month before they decide to go with something new.. the old days where two guys would have a long series of matches ending in a specialty match such as a cage, strap, street fight, taped fist, or other things then go to the next angle. to many short attention span fans now to do anything like this.

  22. Honest Man says:

    So they changed their mind. How dare a company change their mind just because they promised one person this was going to happen. You don’t hear anyone else crying foul because they went with another option to end the show.

    It’s time Lesnar grows up and stops acting like a child. How many people go to work and things get changed on them? You don’t act like a child when things like that happen. You grow up and move on within the company.

    Little Farmboy needs to just grow up and realize he’s not the big thing he thinks he is.

  23. Jay says:

    Honest Man, I bet you wouldnt call him Little Farmboy to his face….

  24. Jon says:

    LOL. some interesting comments here. Im not sure what side i’m on, i understand the “he should put people over” crowd and i understand the “maybe he shouldn’t” crowd also.

    Why do you have him put people over? well because, as mentionend people (hogan,rock,cena) put lesnar over back in the day so in a way it’s payback time and i get that, if it was my company would i want my top guy (cena) losing to a part time guy in lesnar? im not sure. however, the other side to that is… why would i sign him if i just want him to job to people? I mean they lack big time legit credible heels, BROCK could be this guy, he could be, should he be losing to cena right away? I dunno, bad business move i think, the legit ncaa champ, the legit UFC champ loses to JOHN cena in his first match back.. part of me thinks its wwwe testing lesnar, which i’d understand and the other part thinks it’s because wwe is stupid.

    Honestly the way i look at wwe now a days is.. it’s entertainment with very little entertainment and i found lesnar to be entertaining and honestly, i know people who have watched RAW again for the first time in years because BROCK was on, brock lost to cena i tell them at the ppv. They say, how can a legit guy like brock lose to cena? i say the same, i don’t think people believe that a guy like cena could beat a guy like lesnar.

    AS for wwe lying to him, lol, its wwe. ITS WHAT THEY DO. the other part is,did wwe tell cena to do this after or was that cena himself? it was after the ppv ended, guess maybe it wouldnt have been a big deal if WWE didnt show it 50,000 times since then, for all we know, cena did that on his own with no idea that wwe would tape it and show it to the world.

    who knows. all i know is I find it hard to believe, and i understand wrestling is scripted but i mean, c’mon… you can only script it so much right? i mean, cena going over on lesnar.. where was the guy that said… are you serious vince? the ufc legit ncaa legit ufc champ losing to our phoney champion? WILL people believe it, i’ll say this, if wwe didnt have lesnar break hhh’s arm (lol) on raw, i think alot of lesnars stigma would have been gone already as he just lost to cena, the hollywood actor can beat him but the ncaa ufc legit champ cant? i dunno.

  25. Mike Rophone says:

    Honest Man’s standup is probably better than Brock’s, I wouldn’t be scared.

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