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John Cena Update

Cena via Twitter:

Making medical rounds now to find out what is up. I will be on #RAW to let everyone know. #nevergiveup

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  1. -J- says:

    OH JOY! never give up and always believe in the power of friendship!

  2. squirrbells says:

    And if I may expound on J’s statements – If you believe it, you can achieve it (or at least do the Hogan finger / arm point rejuvenation thing).

  3. james says:

    Cena shouldn’t have won and don’t give us that never give up crap cause we all know that is a bunch of BS spewing out of your mouth.

  4. dave says:

    Who cares if he won? I suspect he won because he may be taking a sabbatical and Brock will more than likely have another high profile feud. Why do people concern so much why Cena won?

    Its booking 101.. Face gets owned and beat down for weeks, gets redemption in a gut check of match at the PPV.

    Take your petty and meaningless dislike of Cena away and you’re actually talking nonsense.

  5. Discount-double-check says:

    Dave, I will say that the hatred I have for Cena is in no way meaningless. The reason he SHOULDN’T have won that match was because he his 4 moves the entire 17 minute match. That is NOT booking 101. It makes for boring, predictable, all around retarded BS.

  6. Fisha695 says:

    Having Brock lose is actually better for the Brock character. Now he’s not gonna get his way with Johnny Ace & Brock is gonna flip out on him. That leads to HHH coming back & surprisingly defending Ace as the man to lead the company. This leads into a Brock/HHH Feud with maybe a short Brock/Orton detour along the way. Maybe Orton tries to defend HHH but Brock destroys Orton at whatever the next PPV is which then leads into a Brock/HHH Match at one of the Summer PPVs.

    Or on the flip side Brock can try to flip out on Johnny and then it leads into a Brock/Albert feud where HHH backs Lesnar & Ace backs Albert with the stipulation of “Brock wins then HHH is in Charge, Ablert wins then stays in charge”. However once Brock wins he decides that he should have the power instead of HHH which then leads into the Brock/HHH feud for the Summer PPVs. Brock & HHH go 1 for 1 & in their 3rd match somebody returns/interferes which sets up Brocks next feud going into Survivor Series.

  7. Chris James says:

    Idk. I much rather have had Cena steal one with a roll up than hit 4 moves and pin Brock. That’s cheap. Hell, even The Rock didn’t do that when he was beating everyone. I don’t know. I’m beginning to like Cena a little because he was away from the title picture but c’mon… It was like he had to be super cena one final time before going home. I was hoping Cena lost and let Edge down. Oh well.

  8. dave says:

    I would think he got the win as he did because they knew he was taking a break, so why not let him go out high and meanwhile, Brock will be rebuilt on Raw tonight… this feud was always a set up for Brock to come back and a good way to let Cena take some time off.

    Why is everyone so against it? It’s not the main event of 2012. Just a short feud that followed standard booking practises.

  9. vendetta says:

    the match was good, Cena did good where as Brock was ah. yea Cena did 4 moves but he still did great with the acting and knows how to hype up the crowd, he was in chicago where they always boo him yet they cheered for him… like always there’s gonna be people disagreeing with my opinion but hey thats my opinion lol

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