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Extreme Rules

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WWE Extreme Rules PPV
April 29, 2012
Chicago, Illinois (Allstate Arena)
Report by: Adam Martin of

The WWE opening promo plays.

A video package runs hyping the return of Brock Lesnar to WWE and his Extreme Rules match with John Cena tonight. The video had a very UFC-intro feel with both Lesnar and Cena talking about each other.

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to Extreme Rules. We go live to Chicago where a huge display of pyro goes off in front of a huge set inside the Allstate Arena.

Kane's pyro goes off to begin the show. Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Booker T are on commentary tonight.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Randy Orton vs. Kane

Randy Orton catches Kane with a quick boot from the corner early. Kane responds with a big uppercut launching Orton off the top turnbuckle to the floor below. kane grabs a pipe, but Orton cuts him off from using it. Orton grabs the pipe and hits Kane in the stomach with it. Orton uses the pipe over the back of Kane and then knocks him over the top rope using it as well. Orton and Kane brawl into the crowd. Orton with a big knee to the head of Kane up against a wall among the crowd. Kane with a scoop slam to Orton on the arena floor. Kane with a running boot to the face, Kane with a cover and gets a two count. They continue to brawl through the crowd and now up the stairs among the fans. Orton with a dropkick to Kane near the Extreme Rules set. Orton covers and gets a two count. Kane responds immediately with a big boot that levels Orton, another cover and Orton gets a shoulder up after two. Kane drags Orton backstage. They exchange shots. Orton tosses Kane through a door where WWE stars are watching the PPV on a TV. Zack Ryder starts attacking Kane. Orton drops Kane over his back and gets another two count after a pin attempt. Kane sends Orton into a series of steel poles up against a wall. The camera man even takes a bump. Kane throws Orton into some chairs and gets another two count. Kane drags Orton back out inside the arena. Orton with some big right hands. Crowd chanting “YES!” with each right hand Orton lands. Orton sends Kane into the steel ring steps and then tosses Kane back inside the ring. Orton with more right hands to Kane in the corner.

Orton with a quick powerslam on Kane and more right hands. Orton leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Orton drives the chair into the gut of Kane and then cracks it over his back. Orton with more shots to Kane on the mat using the chair. Orton with even more repeated shots using the chair. Kane quickly rolls out and Orton throws him face first into the announce table at ringside. Orton with a big uppercut that sends Kane back. Orton clears off the main announce table. Kane starts choking Orton, Orton with elbows and then tosses Kane over the announce table. Orton hooks the head of Kane and drops him with a big DDT from the announce table to the floor below. Booker notes that Orton took a lot of that as well falling on the back of his head. Orton with a cover and Kane kicks outs. Kane counters an RKO sending Orton face first into the steel ring post. Kane gets another two count. Kane goes up top and Orton crotches him. Orton with a superplex on Kane. Kane again powers out after a pinfall attempt. Orton is calling for an RKO. Kane with another counter and then catches Orton with a big chokeslam. Kane covers and gets a close two count. Kane is shocked and can't believe it. Kane throws a chair down near Orton and calls for the Tombstone Piledriver. Kane gets Orton up, Orton counters and jumps up catching Kane with an RKO over the steel chair. Orton covers Kane and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Randy Orton

After the match, we see a series of highlights leading to the finish. Back live, Randy Orton is up on the corner and he salutes the crowd.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis is with Eve. They bring in Teddy Long to pour some campaign and salute Johnny's first PPV as General Manager of both Raw and Smackdown. She talks about how Teddy now works for her. Laurinaitis takes a phone call from Triple H and leaves the room.

Brodus Clay w/ Hornswoggle vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger

Lock up and Brodus Clay drops Dolph Ziggler down on his face. Loud “LET'S GO ZIGGLER” chant from the Chicago crowd. Distraction from Swagger allows Ziggler to dropkick Clay over the top rope. Ziggler then distracts the referee allowing Swagger to connect with a big running shoulder block. The referee starts the count. Clay gets back in at 7. Clay misses a knee lift and Ziggler dropkicks the knee of Clay grounding him. Ziggler with a Fameasser on Clay. Ziggler with a headlock on Clay. Ziggler takes the back of Clay and locks on a sleeper. Ziggler has it locked in tight, but Clay stands up and flips Ziggler over to the mat. Ziggler attempts a suplex on Clay, but Clay blocks it, lifts Ziggler up and launches him across the ring. Clay with a series of clotheslines and then knocks Swagger off the ring apron. Clay avoids a Zig Zag, drives his head into the stomach of Ziggler and then connects with a body splash. Clay gets the pinfall.

Winner: Brodus Clay

We see video from the Extreme Rules pre-show showing a spin of the “Extreme” wheel announcing Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes tonight in a Tables match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Tables Match
Big Show (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

The bell rings and Big Show goes after Cody Rhodes right away with big body shots and then a big chop to the chest. Big Show with another big chop and high back body drop. Rhodes bails and Big Show follows. Big Show with another big chop. Big Show then sends Rhodes into the timekeepers area and connects with another huge chop. Big Show sets up a table over a corner, tosses Rhodes at it, Rhodes springboards off the table and catches Big Show in the face with his kick to the face. Big Show then blasts Rhodes with a big shoulder block moments later. Big Show then sends Rhodes hip first into the ring barricade and connects with another chop. Big Show with a big right hand that levels Rhodes. Big Show tosses a table in the ring and gets up on the ring apron. A table is directly below Big Show. When Big Show puts his leg over the top rope to get inside, Rhodes kicks it away and Big Show falls back landing his foot through the table. Big Show looks down and then looks up realizing what just happened. The referee calls for the bell. We have a new champion. Rhodes starts laughing.

Winner and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Big Show hits the ring and levels Cody Rhodes. Big Show sets up a table, grabs Rhodes and gives him a chokeslam through the table. The Chicago crowd cheers on Big Show to keep going after Rhodes. Big Show picks up Rhodes in a press slam and throws him over the top rope. Rhodes crashes through another table. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish where Rhodes won on a technicality. Back live, a dazed Rhodes stands on his feet and holds up the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage, Matt Striker is with Daniel Bryan. Striker asks what advantages he has over Sheamus. Bryan insults Striker for the stupid question. He said he gets more chicks than Sheamus, has a better beard and his stomach isn't weighed down with five pounds of corn. Bryan insults the Chicago crowd and promises to become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan walks off doing his “YES!” chant as we see a shot of AJ in the background.

A video package runs hyping Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan tonight.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Lilian Garcia did ring introductions for the challenger Daniel Bryan and champion Sheamus. Sheamus was sporting a new “18 Seconds” t-shirt. Sheamus with a quick headlock toss that Bryan counters. Bryan avoids an early Brogue Kick attempt and Sheamus reminds Bryan who close he was again. The two exchange wrist locks. Sheamus with a shoulder block, catches Bryan on his shoulders and connects with a rolling senton. Sheamus with a modified Boston Crab applied on Bryan. Bryan reaches out for the bottom rope to break it up. Bryan with a quick rollup, but Sheamus responds right away with a clothesline. Bryan hits the ropes and his able to take down Sheamus. Bryan with a quick baseball slide that launches Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus catches Bryan flying off the ring apron and then drives him back first into the ring barricade. Bryan took a nasty bump on that. Back in the ring, Bryan drops Sheamus off the top turnbuckle hitting the ropes. Bryan keeps Sheamus grounded and pulls back on his left arm. Bryan catches Sheamus with a knee to the gut and quick dropkick to the body combo. Bryan then stands over Sheamus' head and starts throwing some body kicks. Bryan with some big uppercuts. Sheamus fires back with a big forearm. Bryan with a close rollup for a two count and another uppercut. Bryan continues to work over the left shoulder of Sheamus. Bryan with a kick to the face, but Sheamus responds with a shoulder block in the corner and then a high knee off the ropes. Sheamus pulls Bryan over the ropes and connects with his big forearm chops to the chest.

Sheamus pulls Bryan in and connects with a fallaway slam. Bryan with more kicks to the body, another rollup and Sheamus again kicks out. Sheamus is now placed up on the top turnbuckle. Bryan attempts a top rope huricanrana, but Sheamus pushes Bryan down. Sheamus then stands up and connects with a flying shoulder block. Bryan dump Sheamus to the outside pulling down the top rope. Bryan hits the ropes, but Sheamus cuts off the suicide dive attempt with a big forearm to the head. Bryan with a sunset flip for a two count. Sheamus counters a Yes Lock attempt. Sheamus counters another attempt with an arm drag. Bryan drives Sheamus shoulder first into the post. Bryan jumps out and sends Sheamus shoulder first into the steel ring post once again. Bryan does this a third time. Bryan continues to work on Sheamus' left arm/shoulder driving it into the steel ring post. Bryan with kicks to the left arm of Sheamus yelling “YES!” each time. The Chicago crowd joins him. Bryan refuses to stop and the referee calls the first fall in favor of Sheamus.

Winner of Fall #1: Sheamus

Bryan smiles as the referee pushes him away from Sheamus. Bryan charges in and gets the Yes Lock applied. Sheamus is reaching for the ropes. Bryan is wrenching back on Sheamus' left shoulder and arm. Sheamus appears to be out. The referee calls for the fall in favor of Bryan.

Winner of Fall #2: Daniel Bryan

WWE officials check on Sheamus at ringside. Sheamus tells the referee and the WWE officials that he can continue. Bryan is leading the Chicago crowd in “YES!” chants. They back away from Sheamus in the corner, Bryan comes rushing in and Sheamus catches Bryan with a Brogue Kick! Sheamus crawls over, hooks the leg and Bryan gets a shoulder up after two. Bryan with a kick to the back of Sheamus. Sheamus with a big chop to Bryan. Bryan with a huge kick to the head of Sheamus, Bryan hooks the leg and Sheamus kicks out after two. Bryan is up on the top turnbuckle. Sheamus is throwing crazy forearms. Bryan headbutts Sheamus away to the mat. Bryan comes flying off the top rope with a diving headbutt, but Sheamus rolls out of the way. Bryan misses a running dropkick. Sheamus with axe handles to the face of Bryan. Sheamus connects with an Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus with a huge Brogue Kick, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus

After the match, we see a few replays of the finish with Sheamus connecting with a huge Brogue Kick on Daniel Bryan. Back live, Sheamus is celebrating with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

A promo for WWE Over The Limit airs.

Handicap Match
Ryback vs. Aaron Relic and Jay Hatton

The jobbers talk about how they have the numbers advantage tonight. Loud “GOLDBERG” chant for Ryback when he hits the ring. Jay with two kicks to Ryback and Ryback doesn't flinch. Jay with a flying elbow. Ryback with a quick kick and he slams Jay over the mat. Ryback with a big powerslam on Jay. Ryback tosses in Aaron and he takes a sick looking clothesline from Ryback. Ryback with his tailbone drop/Stunner combo on Aaron. Ryback then picks up Jay connecting with a modified falling neckbreaker. He drags Aaron over Jay and covers both for the pinfall.

Winner: Ryback

Backstage, Matt Striker is with WWE Champion CM Punk bringing up the bad things Chris Jericho has said about family members that will be here tonight. Punk says tomorrow someone will wake up from a hangover and it won't be because of booze, but because he will put Jericho to sleep tonight.

A video package runs hyping CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho tonight.

WWE Championship – Chicago Street Fight
CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Justin Roberts handled ring introductions for the challenger Chris Jericho and champion CM Punk. Huge reaction for Punk in Chicago. Punk and Jericho are wearing street clothes. Both start brawling right away. Punk throws steel chairs in the ring and grabs a kendo stick. Punk with a shot to Jericho's back with the kendo stick. Punk sends Jericho into the ropes and attempts a big baseball swing with the kendo stick, but Jericho hangs on to the ropes. Punk then catches Jericho with a flying clothesline. Punk with another shot to Jericho's back with the kendo stick. Punk puts one of the chairs in the corner. Jericho holds on to the referee and then rakes the eyes of Punk. Jericho with a quick dropkick. Jericho with a shot to the gut of Punk using the kendo stick. Jericho with a springboard dropkick to the head of Punk sending him off the ring apron to the floor below. Jericho then launches Punk into the timekeepers area. Jericho with headbutts to Punk. Back in the ring, Punk with chops to Jericho. Punk misses his high knee when Jericho moves out of the way. Jericho with a kick to the gut of Punk. Jericho exposes the steel guard railing and throws Punk face first into it. Jericho then gets in the face of CM Punk's sister at ringside. CM Punk's sister slaps Jericho. Jericho goes to grab her and Punk freaks out taking Jericho down. Punk starts to throw huge right hands over Jericho. Punk clears both announce tables and scoop slams Jericho over one of the top pieces cracking it in half. Jericho comes back with a back body drop on Punk over the floor. Jericho drops a TV monitor over Punk's back.

Jericho grabs one of the broken table top pieces and smashes it over Punk's back. Back in the ring, Punk with a side suplex to Jericho. Punk stumbles during a springboard attempt from the ring apron and Jericho immediately starts to hit him with the kendo stick. Jericho yells down at Punk, “Look at your sister! You drunk!” Punk with a close rollup. Jericho fires back with a kick to the back of the head. Jericho grabs a beer can from under the ring and cracks it open. Jericho pours it on Punk and then starts kicking his ribs. Jericho with big right hands to the head. Jericho leaves the ring and grabs another beer. Jericho starts chugging the beer when Punk kicks him in the gut. Punk grabs the kendo stick and starts beating Jericho with it. Punk with a side kick using the kendo stock followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Punk with a high knee and bulldog combo from the corner on Jericho. Punk low blows Jericho using the kendo stick. Punk calls for the GTS. Jericho counters. Punk counters a Walls of Jericho attempt. Punk with a quick powerslam for a two count. Jericho has Punk up on the top turnbuckle. Punk chops Jericho away to the mat below. Punk stands up and connects with a flying elbow. Jericho hooks the leg and Jericho again kicks out after two. Jericho counters another GTS attempt and connects with a bulldog. Punk counters a Lionsault, puts Jericho on his shoulders, Jericho counters another GTS, tosses Punk into the steel chair in the corner and gets a close rollup. Jericho catches Punk with a Codebreaker. Jericho then gets the Walls of Jericho locked in.

Punk is reaching for the ropes refusing to tap. Michael Cole reminds us that ropes don't cause a break in a Street Fight. Punk reaches down and pulls out a fire extinguisher. Punk sprays it in Jericho's face to break up the Walls of Jericho. Jericho is wiping his eyes with the referee's shirt. Punk drives the fire extinguisher into the gut of Jericho sending him to the outside. Punk connects with a second time and then hits a big kick to the head. Jericho falls over the Spanish announce table. Punk is climbing up to the top turnbuckle. Punk stumbles, but catches himself. Punk then jumps and connects with a flying elbow off the top turnbuckle crashing over Jericho through the Spanish announce table. Punk grabs Jericho and tosses him back in the ring. Punk hooks the leg and Jericho gets a shoulder up. Punk locks on the Anaconda Vice. Jericho grabs the kendo stick, lets it go, finds it again and then cracks it over the head of Punk repeatedly to break up the submission. Jericho still has the kendo stick when Punk drives a steel chair into his gut. Jericho recovers, grabs the chair and connects with a Codebreaker on Punk using the chair. Jericho covers Punk…and Punk kicks out. Jericho can't believe it. Punk counters a GTS attempt from Jericho. Punk catapults Jericho into an exposed turnbuckle and connects with the GTS. Punk covers Jericho and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, we see a shot of CM Punk's sister and mother celebrating. CM Punk is handed the WWE Championship. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, CM Punk dives into the crowd and celebrates his win some more.

Highlights from the Extreme Rules pre-show on YouTube is shown featuring Santino Marella defeating The Miz to retain the WWE United States Championship.

Backstage, Eve informs Beth Phoenix that she isn't medically cleared tonight to compete. Phoenix says it doesn't matter because she will get her belt back. The Bella Twins think they have the night off when Eve informs them a title match will indeed take place tonight. Eve adds it isn't Kharma to the relief of both Bella's.

WWE Divas Championship
Nikki Bella (c) w/ Brie Bella vs. Mystery opponent

The Bella Twins take the mic and say the title is where it should be. Out comes Layla. Layla with a few arm drags early on. Layla throws a few kicks and then gets tripped up by Brie Bella at ringside with the referee distracted. Nikki works over the bad knee of Layla. Layla connects with a springboard cross body. Layla knocks Brie off the ring apron telling her to stay out of it. Layla with a kick to the face of Nikki. We get a switch with Brie jumping in. Layla with a big neckbreaker on Brie and covers to get the pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE Divas Champion: Layla

After the match, we see highlights of the switch and Layla still finding a way to get the win to become the new WWE Divas Champion.

Backstage, Matt Striker catches up with John Laurinaitis wanting to know what he was talking about with Triple H. Laurinaitis said they discussed business matters that will be addressed tomorrow night on Raw.

A video package runs hyping Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena.

Extreme Rules Match
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

The bell rings and Brock Lesnar with a HUGE takedown. Lesnar with a few elbows and then jumps off. Lesnar drops Cena with a huge clothesline. Cena is legit busted open on the top of his head. The referee pushes Lesnar off Cena. A WWE medical official has hit the ring to check on the blood loss on the top of Cena's head. They clean him up and Lesnar with another big takedown. Lesnar is dropping bombs. Lesnar with a huge knee and then kicks Cena out of the ring. A bloody Cena brings himself back in the ring. The referee backs Lesnar up and the same WWE medical official comes in to clean up Cena. Cena is cleaned up. Cena has Lesnar up. Lesnar counters and connects with two big german suplexes. Lesnar takes the back of Cena. Cena with elbows. Cena hits the ropes, connects with a shoulder block and Lesnar bumps right into the referee. The referee is out on the mat on the outside. Lesnar then levels Cena. Lesnar drops Cena again and Lesnar puts some of Cena's blood over his chest. Lesnar with shoulder blocks to Cena in the corner. Lesnar applies a kimura lock. Cena screams out in pain. Lesnar then launches Cena into the guard railining on the outside. Lesnar grabs the chains Cena brought with him and ties up Cena's legs. Lesnar with a huge clothesline that drops Cena. Lesnar puts Cena up on the top turnbuckle and drops him down in the tree of woe with his legs still tied up in the chains. Cena breaks free and attempts a comeback with rights. Lesnar quickly counters and launches Cena into the steel ring steps. Lesnar tosses the referee in the ring trying to wake him up.

Cena recovers briefly. Lesnar counters and connects with an F5. Cena took out the referee on his way down taking the F5. Another referee has hit the ring and counts the pinfall. Cena kicks out! A third referee runs down to the ringside area. Lesnar grabs the bottom part of the steel ring steps and slides it in the ring. Lesnar is standing on top of the steps. Cena with right hands. Lesnar cuts him off with a knee and then falls back applying a kimura lock. Cena is screaming out in pain. Cena uses his strength to lift up Lesnar and then drop him down over the top of the steel ring steps. Cena is up top, attempts a flying leg drop and Lesnar moves out of the way. Lesnar stands back up taunting at Cena to get in the ring. Cena pulls himself in the ring using the ropes. Lesnar hits the ropes, jumps off the steel steps and plows right into Cena going through the ropes as well. Lesnar landed badly on his knee and starts favoring it. Lesnar gets on his feet and shakes it off laughing. Lesnar is back in the ring and calling for Cena to get back up one more time. When Cena does, Lesnar hits the ropes again, jumps off the steps and this time Cena catches Lesnar in the head with the chains. Lesnar is busted open now. Cena is fired up and gets a huge reaction from the Chicago crowd. A dazed and bloody Lesnar is up, Cena has him up for an AA and connects over the steps. Cena gets the pinfall.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, a bloody Brock Lesnar rolls out of the ring and is sitting up against the ring. Medical officials are attending to John Cena. We then see a series of highlights from the match leading to the finish. Back live, Cena stands up on the steel ring steps, raises his arm and salutes the crowd. Cena grabs a mic. “I'm probably going to get sent home for speaking when I'm not supposed to, but I'm probably headed home anyway.” Cena says Chicago is a wrestling town, he has a messed up arm and he is tasting his own blood. He said all of us in WWE give everything they have and he is probably taking a vacation. Cena wishes everyone well in Chicago and says it was a hell of a ride. He leaves the ring and gives one final salute before heading to the back as we go off the air.

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18 Responses

  1. frank says:

    are you kidding me? santino vs the miz isnt on the actuall ppv but RYBAK AND BRODUS CLAY ARE.. wow!!!
    why do these two guys deserve a PPV push?

    goood to see PUNK AND CENA won

    btw, where are all the F’s from the WWE haters?? in the grade poll
    just like people do for the TNA ppv

  2. LolDivas says:

    Positive: Cena leaves for a while

    Now something different can happen hopefully Lesnar Vs Punk.

  3. Attitude Era 12 says:

    Great PPV, was 50-50 to buy, glad i did

    – Brodus Clay
    – Layla returning instead of Kharma
    – Cena winning (after the way it went, Lesnar looked to strong to fail)
    – 2 Jobbers getting more PPV time than the Tag Champs

    – Rhodes winning, the way he won was great and the bump he took was sick
    – Bryan – Sheamus was fantastic, what the mania match should of been
    – Punk – Jericho was an attitude era style Street Fight, the flying elbow was awesome and chair-breaker finisher looked cool
    – Cena – Lesnar, PG who? Lesnar looked awesome and I was shocked to see blood and just how real it was, did the kimura fuck up Cena’s arm at the end. Lesnar did another spectactular botch and I thought he broke his leg, he sold it great though, jaw-dropping match!
    – Chicago Crowd, best in wrestling

    Awesome PPV – 9/10

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Cena? Vacation? We should be so lucky.

  5. Robert Barron says:

    If Cena was going to take time off, then why put him over a returning (former) main eventer?

  6. Neumanrko9 says:

    I agree with Attitude Era 12 on your negatives and positives. My predictions for this ppv were way off which can be a good thing making it very unpredictable. I’m still kind of pissed Cena won because Lesnar really did completely DOMINATE that match. It almost felt like I was watching UFC with the blood and everything, it felt so real. Raw will definately be interesting tomorrow night with Cena possibly being legit injured now. Lesnar looked like a complete beast and should of got the win but very good match nonetheless. Great ppv but not better than WM28 in my opinion, awesome follow-up ppv though.

  7. -J- says:

    OMG Durk’d in the first post folks!

    PPV was ok, Cena overcame the odds what a shock…he will be back on RAW acting as if nothing happen last night, we all get Cena’d!

  8. Fisha695 says:

    So Cena is leaving so he can film the Marine 3 (since he was in the 1st one, only makes sense for him to be in the 3rd & final one).

    Brock somehow will transition into a program with Orton.

  9. Kyle Christie says:

    Like some of us realise, not everyone can be pleased. Also this was a brutal PPV especially Lesnar – Cena.

  10. PumpkinKingJack says:

    AdurkaDurk: Absolutely no-one complained about Cena winning you ididot!
    Overall a very good PPV. 9/10 easy.

  11. seanyd93 says:

    cena wasn’t legit injured, he used the arm he couldn’t move to AA lesnar.

  12. Jon J says:

    Well, I have to say it was better than i thought. I’ll break it down with my likes and dislikes.

    -Cody winning the IC title, Big Show should be putting over guys instead of beating them so good to get the belt back to the younger guy. Lets hope show takes some time away also.
    -Bryan vs Sheamus. Eventho Bryan lost, which shows me what is wrong with WWE as they don’t seem to want to listen to the paying customer anymore, BRYAN is massively over and the best thing they have,Sheamus won, I understand but i don’t get what they are thinking.Great match.Bryan could have a great match with anyone.
    – Cena vs Lesnar. Although the wrong guy probably won, i wasn’t expecting a classic here, Despite tho what some say, Lesnar is a great wrestler. People praise CENa but give brock no props. Dude is legit, legit NCAA champ, legit UFC champ, if this was real, Brock would have destroyed CENA. The wrong guy won but if Cena is going away for a while, then having Brock “injure” his arm was a good way to go out, gives Lesnar somethingn to go on about, he put cena out, he lost but put cena out since in a way, he won. Potential with this if CENA is indeed out for some time.


    The Goldberg chant to Ryback. – The guy isn’t goldberg, he might be better. <– not a fan of jobbers on PPV tho.
    Brodus Clay over Ziggler. – Ziggler needs to be either pushed to main event status, the guy has got "it" or WWE needs to let him take some time off too. No way Ziggler should be putting over CLAY.

  13. Daniel says:

    So Adurka, that’s all fine and good but I didn’t see the PPV and only read the winners and still realized Cena should have lost. As someone else said, why put Cena over if he’s going on vacation?

    Also, you don’t bring back a former champion in such a big way, hype him up the ass and push this big match just to have the guy lose…that’s fucking stupid.

  14. Man says:

    What a joke of a company!

  15. Sean B says:

    Oh, for gods sake cena, no one believes you will EVER be sent home for anything short of killing someone.

  16. Jerry says:

    wHHHo booked this crap?

  17. Daniel says:

    Adurka, so you’re a Lesnar hater? Is that why your panties are in a bunch? I just don’t get your weird point of view on this. Regardless of whether you like Lesnar or not, hate Cena or not, etc. Cena should have lost. This killed any credibility that Lesnar’s return would have had and it also makes no sense to put Cena over the “new face of Raw” just to have him leave…now they have to build up Lesnar all over again and it just won’t be as awesome as a huge return and a brutal beating of the top guy only for Lesnar to become the top guy and then be taken down by the returning Cena. That was the obvious storyline. This storyline just made Lesnar look like a joke. Same thing would have been true if Cena had beaten The Rock.

    As far as Bryan, it was a work in order to put Bryan more over as a heel. WWE knows fan LOVE Bryan so to make them get behind Sheamus in this continuing storyline and to “hate” Bryan they had Sheamus win in a HUGE upset in order to make the fans “hate” Bryan when he complains about it. And it worked. End of story.

  18. Joshua says:

    Ah…Finally a pay per view that was a complete success. Let’s begin:

    Randy Prton defeated Kane in falls count anywhere match that completely chaotic and definitely was a fun storyline to watch. Five out of five stars.

    Brodus Clay defeated Dolph Ziggler was a match filler that Is fun to watch

    Cody Rhodes defeated Big Show in tables match to win the wwe ic title was dump cuz I figure show wouldn’t be allowed to have a decent reign with a title

    Sheamus def Daniel Bryan in two out of three falls match to retain the world title was awesome. I am glad to see these get a decent match instead of a short stupid match like wrestle mania

    Ry back defeating two local jobbers wasn’t even needed

    Cm Punk def Chris Jericho in Chicago street fight to retain the wee title was incredible street fight. I would to say one of the best since triple h-cactus jack at royal rumble 2000.

    Layla def the Bella’s to win the wwe divas title was nice to see but kharma would have better.

    John cen def Brock lesnar in extreme rules match was chaos at its best. Vena took a beating and speech after I see them repackaging cena’s character but was awesome.



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