Apr 29, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– We see a recap of the spin of the wheel backstage by Teddy Long, set up tonight’s tables match…

(3) IC title match fought under Tables match rules: The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

They set up table on the entrance ramp leading up the ring. They have tables in front of the announce tables. The Big Show enters the arena first.

Early on, Big Show sets up a table on the outside. Rhodes stops Big Show by going after Show’s knee. With Rhodes over the guard rail, Big Show tosses Rhodes back in crashing him on the floor. Big Show sets up a table in the corner of the ring. Show tosses Rhodes in, but Rhodes stops it and hits a disaster kick.

Big Show brings a table into the ring, but as Show goes to climb into the ring, Shows falls back via a drop kick by Rhodes and lands a leg through a table on the outside. Referee sees it, and declares Rhodes the winner and new IC champion at 4:35. After the match, Show spears Rhodes. Show slams Rhodes through a table in frustration. Show is about to leave, but decides to grab Rhodes and toss him over the top rope crashing him through a table.

Afterwards, Rhodes is still down, as referees and WWE personal attend to him. Rhodes stands up and hoists the IC belt. Rhodes walks out under his own power.

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