4/28 Extreme Reunion Results

Apr 29, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit Mike Johnson and pwinsider.com

Pre-Show Notes: The live crowd is HUGE. There is a line around the building for the show….There will be a pre-show before the Reunion event…Backstage are Homicide, Ruckus, Jeez, The Maximos, DJ Hyde, Matt Tremont and Rory Mondo. Some will be working the show. Some are visiting….They are using CZW’s ring and production team for the event….They are selling several different t-shirt designs….

Pre-Show Notes #2: The show is officially sold out with 2,100 fans here…..There are lots of “ECW” chants in the crowd…..There are multiple cameras filming, including a crane camera, a hard camera and several handhelds…They are also filming with several flip cams…UWF’s Larry Legend is helping out backstage….The start of the show is being delayed as the PA Athletic Commission doctor was delayed in arriving at the venue.

* The Dramatics defeated Ruckus and Blk Jeez via pin
* The FBI defeated the BWO via pin
* CW Anderson defeated Al Snow via pin
* Axl Rotten defeated Balls Mahoney via pin
* Angel of The Baldies came to the ring for a promo. The Gangsta’s played, there was a brawl, and Ruckus and Jeez hit the ring for save. Jack fired back and brawled with Ruckus. Angel worked over Mustafa as Jeez and Ruckus worked over Jack. They finally walked off. Described as the beginning of a storyline.
* Raven vs. Pitbull Gary Wolfe was up next. Raven came out with a new Flock, including a legitimately crippled guy who called him “Cripple H.” Raven began ripping on the legacy of ECW, saying reunions are for “f**s and morons.” He said that now ECW means “Extremely C**ty Wrestling.” The Flock attacked Wolfe. Raven said he came here to mock how pathetic everyone is for not moving on and living in the past. They all worked over Wolfe. “Enter Sandman” began to play and out came Sandman for his grand entrance. The Flock beat the crap out of Wolfe. Sandman entered the ring and caned the entire Flock. He was laid out and beaten with by a muscular guy in the Flock. Wolfe and the muscle guy brawled. Wolfe hit a sitdown slam and pinned him.

* Jerry Lynn defeated Devon Storm via pin. (Huge chant for Lynn. Far and away the best match on the show. The crowd loved it because they gave them an ECW style match and brawl and highspots, which is all they wanted all night and never really got.)

* In the main event, Shane Douglas defeated 2 Cold Scorpio. During the match, two masked men got involved, one was Kevin Sullivan who attacked Shane Douglas. Another masked man ran in. It was Tod Gordon. He hugged Scorpio. Shane hit a twisting sunset flip and pinned Scorpio. Scorpio took the mic and said Douglas wasn’t sh**, then told Tod Gordon to kiss his black ass. Before the match, the crowd chanted, “F*** you Shane” and “Refund.” Douglas told the crowd that he works them, not the other way around. Douglas said that unlike jackasses that lie to the fans, he will shoot. He said that Sabu was found unresponsive in his hotel room. He said that ECW never hid behind a bullsh** story and neither will Extreme Reunion.

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