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Card for tomorrow’s WWE Extreme Rules PPV

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  1. ironFNmaiden says:

    For a ppv entitled Extreme Rules I really only see three matches that fit the bill (The Orton v Kane match is just falls count anyway, that doesn’t ring extreme).

    I like Punk and Jericho working together, they put on a pretty good match at Mania.

  2. theprincedann says:

    More than half are rematches.

    And Chris Jericho, photoshopped much? Seems to be considerably thinner.. :L

  3. trev harr says:

    i truly truly hope the miz wins i think the miz is awesome!!!

  4. Jouni Hakkarainen says:


    More than half are rematches, huh? Duh, it’s extreme rules, they are supposed to be rematches for feuds that have gotten hot and heavy as of late. I do like the concept and a lot of the pairings. This is an awesome card bound for success.

  5. Greebull says:

    You guys forgot that the IC Title Match will be a ‘Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal’ Match, like RAW-Roulette. So really, there are 4 matches that have ‘extreme’ stipulations.

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