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Possible Wrestlemania 29 opponents for Brock Lesnar

WWE is still in the early stages of deciding on who will face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29. At the present time, the top choices:

* The Rock
* The Undertaker
* Steve Austin

The WrestleMania 29 match will be the final one on Lesnar’s one-year WWE deal.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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19 Responses

  1. M.J. Wright says:

    Taker would be nice to go out on having him win the title from Brock and retire afterwards

  2. john peeler says:

    i would love to see undertaker vs brock lesnar for the main event at wrestlemania 29 does anybody agree .

  3. rob says:

    Would rather see Austin feud with a heel CM Punk

  4. D0r14n_Gr4y says:

    I’d like Taker vs Brock as well. I want to see Brock go for another Shooting Star Press from the other side of the ring.

  5. Joe says:

    I’d actually like to see HHH vs Lesnar. Not a huge HHH fan, but i think it would make sense with Lesnar’s character now. Maybe they’ll get to it before mania though.

  6. -J- says:

    I’d only say taker because of the run-in they had, Austin could run Brock down on the mic and they could have some good moments…not sure how rock fits into the mix except for a rematch, waiting to see how well or poorly they handle this cena feud.

  7. -J- says:

    You should end your rants with…you’ve just been durk’d!

  8. Harlem Shakespear says:

    Alistair Overeem.

  9. Chris Epic says:

    I’d Rather see Lesner vs Austin since it’s a match that never got to happen. Taker/Lesner was never the million dollar feud it should have been, & I doubt Brock would wanna job to Taker like in the past. & I just really don’t care to see Dwight Johnson, he’s not the Rock I remember, in another lackluster WM main event.

  10. Alejandro says:

    how about Brock Lesnar vs Vince McMahon

  11. Kid Vicious says:

    i’d like to see him do the job and elevate one of the mid cards.
    bah gawd! tatsu wins! what a slobberknocker. how do you learn to fall off a 40ft ladder? tatsu! tatsu! tatsu! buy my bbq sauce. tatsu.

  12. Jim says:

    Brock V. Golberg II

  13. Hipnosis says:

    BROCK GOLDBERG sucked. BROCK vs UNDERTAKER would be great for both of them leaving. Austin vs Brock would be great as well and Brock Rock 2 would be good but if they’re both gone then whats the point? at least one should stay. Either way it seems everyones leaving lol

  14. Drew says:

    As long as Brock jobs, I don’t care who he faces.

  15. Meh says:

    As long as Brock faces CM Punk at some point in Lesnar’s current WWE run before WM29 then I don’t care who he (Lesnar) faces at WM29.

  16. justblazin says:

    call me crazy but i’d love to see brock vs daniel bryan in a david vs goliath type match that could put bryan over as championship material and make him look more credible. of course the chances of that happening are slim to none but hell i think it would make for a great match.

  17. LolDivas says:

    Id like to see Taker Vs Lesnar
    And Punk Vs Austin

    And If Goldberg comes back Goldberg Vs Cena

  18. matt says:

    This might just be me but it seems pretty clear he’s been brought back to face the rock at WM29. Rock himself has said it will be cena or brock and cena will surely face taker

  19. killpg says:

    have punk & heymen screw job ryback over and over, in a way that makes it obvious hes weaseling his way, but not so that it hurts RBs character . have rb run through evey thing in a rage, have brock start feuding with RB and put him over as the new next big thing. then rb destroys cena. and replaces him as vinces pet.

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