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Buy numbers for TNA’s Lockdown PPV

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the projections have the 4/15 TNA Lockdown PPV doing around 17,000 pay-per-view buys.

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  1. fourtuneth wall says:

    Honestly, if any of these numbers are real, this seems like a better buy-rate.

    Who would have thought that building up a feud would make people want to see the blow-off match?

    Then again, never delivering a pay-off to a well-built feud (goodbye James Storm, hello RVD) can sink the best-built feuds.

  2. A_FAX says:

    I wouldn’t call it a well built feud. They would push the two and then drop it and have Roode work Sting or Jeff Hardy and have Storm work Angle or Bully Ray. There lacked a lot of continuity with this angle. TNA can’t seem to stick to storylines. There always jumping around and rarely make any sense. 17000 buys is completely pathetic. After ten years that’s all they can do on the second biggest show of them all? Even the worst of wwe ppv’s do around 100,000. TNA is a total joke.

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