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Update on Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix’s injury last night on Raw in Detroit was indeed a work. She apparently sold it so well that wrestlers backstage thought she was really hurt, reports

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  1. Mykull The Conqueror says:

    and the Oscar goes to

  2. John Kimble says:

    That’s my girl..what a pro <3

  3. raven12516 says:

    She had me fooled too.

  4. X-Pac says:

    Wow, she did awesome. The look of shock on her face the second she hit the floor was 100% real looking. The only way I figured it might have been a work was when Nikki rolled her up and that was obviously the planned finish. Great job by Beth!

  5. -J- says:

    excellent, if they gave slammy awards for best worked injury she’d get it.

  6. Sean B says:

    Well played. I guess thats the only legit way some one like generic diva #52845 could beat beth phoenix for the title.

  7. Ian says:

    Wait she faked an injury so she could drop the title to a Bella, whose contract is up soon…uh huh.

  8. Kerry says:

    That’s Kharma for ya. :)

  9. Joey says:

    Kharma will give them a great farewell match

  10. CaptainO says:

    @Kerry This is what I’m hoping for.

  11. Rich P says:

    The wedgie Brie gave her getting her back into the ring was no work. but seriously she had me fooled and did a good job. but when there were things in the past like TNA’s girl Moose ripping her knee apart and the big one was Psycho Sid snapping his leg I saw that one live on TV very sick looking.

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