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Beth Phoenix tweets after Raw

Thank you to everyone that helped me thru the airport this morning. Will keep every posted on MRI and xray results. Believe me…nothing …hurts worse than my heart right now after the loss and even worse thought of missing competition. But i have been bere before, and if…there is one thing Beth Phoenix knows how to do, it’s rise from the ashes. The title will be mine again. #unbreakable

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  1. dave says:

    I think its a business decision to set up Kharma v Beth at SummerSlam which in my opinion could be a game changer for the divas division

  2. John Kimble says:

    dave, i agree.. it set up perfectly for Kharma’s return.. (she did say she hopes that Nikki & Brie were still with the company in 9 months so she can kill them, or something…) This will ultimately
    be how the Bellas are written off t.v for good when they leave the wwe.

  3. John Kimble says:

    STILL..doesn’t make it any less
    heartbreaking, imo :(

  4. Phillip aka JYD Jr says:

    @Dave you have spoken the truth! Idk, if this injury was real or not, too many conflicting stories…but if its storyline just to get Kharma in the ring to build herself up just in time for a match then yes…it will be the Biggest match in the Women’s Divsion since the days of Lita, Trish, Victoria, Molly, Jacqueline, Chyna and Sable… Summer Slam: Kharma vs Beth for the title…AWESOME

    (side note: The Bellas are on the way out and of course having Kharma destroy them as a way to send them out only makes sense given that The Bellas were the ones that dissed her when she was preggers)

  5. Damian says:

    I think kharma is gonna come back to finish that feud with the bellas, then she’ll dominate the whole division to set up kharma vs Beth at wm. Obviously, Just a work.

  6. -J- says:

    she landed nasty on that ankle either way so good sell beth…feed kharma those two bellas.

  7. DivaNattion says:

    SummerSlam Kharma vs Beth will be historic. But in the meantime we have the impending return of Layla El, so might we see her lift the title from Nikki before Kharm has Bellas for brunch?

  8. aag44 says:

    Maybe I’m being too naive, but I’m convinced this was a legit injury… I mean, the ending seemed really rushed, and given how they set up the match with the Kelly Kelly tape & the lumberjills, I think it was supposed to end with Beth being pinned b/c of outside interference.

    Plus, did you see the nasty way in which Brie Bella dragged Beth back to the ring?? She pulled Beth like dead weight, which makes sense if Beth could honestly not get up… Dunno, it just looked legit to me.

  9. Fisha695 says:

    @aag44, remember though it was supposed to look legit so you would buy it. Plus I’ve noticed over the years that where there is a legit injury in a match (as long as it’s not too bad) that they continue the match on almost as normal, but when it’s a fake injury they rush it.

    That said the Beth/Kharma match is gonna be 3 minutes long at the most so I wouldn’t get hopes up of anything special or amazing.

  10. Andy says:

    I agree, Beth did come down nasty on the ankle. I dont think it was staged because he reaction was pretty legit. She was probably set to lose regardless because if we all remember, Kharma threatened to destroy the twins before she left. And since they’re leaving, it’s perfect for a feud. I think they may actually be giving the Divas a storyline. And the match wasn’t too bad. Until Beth hurt herself.

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