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New WWE Extreme Rules matches announced

– Intercontinental Champion Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

– United States Champion Santino Marella vs. The Miz will air on a 30-minute pre-show on WWE’s Youtube channel.

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  1. Ian says:

    Pretty sad when you IC champ and former WWE champion and #1 heel is on a pre PPV show.

    Miz has been totally killed lately.

  2. Chris James says:


  3. The Rock says:

    Back to where he belongs IMHO.

  4. Kyle says:

    Miz belongs in the main event a hell of a lot more Then Lesnar

  5. havok says:

    miz, shouldve never been in the main event in the first place. while he has improved, hes nowhere near main event level talent and he bombed as wwe champ and that was evident when at wm27 as the main event the crowd was completely dead from the entrances to the end of the match.

  6. Natty says:

    @Havok I totally agree that Miz should never have been more than a midcarder on any given match

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