Review of YouShoot with Shane Douglas‏

Apr 20, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcik:

If you have ever heard him be interviewed (check Kayfabe Wrestling Radio on for a recent example) you know “the Franchise” Shane Douglas is never at a loss for words. He definitely shows that when he sat down with Sean Oliver and the Kayfabe Commentaries crew for their critically acclaimed YouShoot series. Here are the chapters covered: Early Days, Dynamic Dudes, Heat, Sex, Drugs, TNA, Education & Potpourri.

There are some interesting stories the average fan would never know such as how Troy Martin became Shane Douglas, how he became part of the Dynamic Dudes with Johnny Ace plus thoughts on his former partners current role in EVP of Talent Relations, the best rib he ever witnessed the late Curt Hennig pull, his two stints in WWF (yeah he had two of them), working with Francine and them working the boys of ECW, the Gary Wolfe injury, the idiocy of Jim Herd, the politics of WWE/TNA then with the Kliq and now under Dixie Carter plus his old pals Shawn Michaels & Ric Flair.

The traditional YouShoot games are played like “What’s in the Bag,” “What a Dick,” “the Ho Bag” and “Medicine Men” which gets a special ECW locker room treatment. We get treated to a new segment where Shane channels his old pal Dean Douglas where he rates his colleagues and the current stars of WWE & TNA in the “Dean’s Report Card.” The most amazing stuff is Shane opening up the famous Syracuse fight Shawn Michaels was part of, a viewer requested promo involving Tito Santana plus about the real reason he left TNA, his battle with oxycotin which he goes into amazing detail. I am proud to say I have interviewed Shane several times and this release goes places I would never go so thanks Kayfabe Commentaries for asking the hard questions.

Up on the release list at are: Guest Booker w/Gabe Sapolsky & Kevin Sullivan, Timeline: History of the WWE 1999 w/Sean Morley & Timeline: History of ECW 1995 w/Sandman.

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