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WWE Universe pick Cena over Lesnar at Extreme Rules featured a poll asking fans who will win at WWE Extreme Rules – John Cena or the returning Brock Lesnar. Cena won with 60% of the votes.

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  1. Silenzi says:

    Not a snowballs chance in hell that they have Brock Lesnar loosing in his BIG return match. Even against cena.
    Brock over clean.
    Cena is on a loosing streak now and they bring in top names for him to loose against.
    I mean He lost to Albert – A-train – Lord Tensai for god sake..

  2. Joe says:

    Put that poll on this site and it will turn out completely different.

  3. Kerry says:

    Rigged. just put up a “poll” with the results they wanted to project.

  4. McMahon says:

    This would be a perfect time to put Cena on a losing streak. It can freshen Cena up some while Punk shines as top face till Cena can do his usual overcome adversity and rise back up after Punk’s reign is done.

  5. Ronald B says:

    Poll demographic? Possibly 90% who voted for Cena eats Fruity Pebbles.

  6. Snow says:

    Now put the poll on a site that has real wrestling fans over the age of 18 instead of teenager girls and little kids and the results will change.

  7. -J- says:

    cenation is putting in overtime…never give up, and rise above brock’s shoulders!

  8. Meh says:

    IIRC wasn’t Backlash 2003 their only other match against each other one-on-one? Lesnar won back then. Cena will get a win against him at some point but it won’t be at Extreme Rules because it’s Lesnar’s return match.

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