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Poll results: Grade TNA’s Lockdown PPV

Grade TNA’s Lockdown PPV

F (36%, 137 Votes)
C (22%, 83 Votes)
B (18%, 67 Votes)
D (14%, 55 Votes)
A (10%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 381

Click here for a recap of the Lockdown PPV.

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10 Responses

  1. Xsu FLEX ARMSTRONG says:

    It was great WRESTLING ACTION more than wrestlemania key words just in case u idiots didint understand the first time WRESTLING ACTION 10xs out of 10 none of u people didint order the ppv

  2. The Rock says:

    It was beyond boring you blind mark. I’ve never in my life slept through a PPV, until this past Sunday.

    Horrible crowd.

    Horrible finish.

    Horrible production.

  3. Andy says:

    I went. Sort of. I was almost two hours late. Sigh.

  4. theprincedann says:

    Why am i not surprised?

    Guess some people love PG action too much to appreciate real wrestling.

  5. WWE kid says:

    WWE rules.. Cena is the greatest wrestler ever.. Hornswoggle is the best cruiserweight wrestler ever.. Santino is pure gold.. TNA sucks.. Who wants to see violent matches in a barbaric cage.. that’s gross.. eeeew.. buy them out vince & declare our victoryyyy.. YES YES YES.

  6. mike says:

    LMAO MARKs on both ends. neither of the 2 are “real wrestling”. the older ROH, Dragon Gate, Chikara, CMLL,and countless other not televized companys are REAL WRESTLING. Not to say WWE and TNA arent talented and are fun to watch. Hell attended mania live and have done atleast 100 TNA shows butthe best wrestling has always been the independents cause the put heart and soul into it.
    As far as lockdown goes it was sorry and the fact that there were more people live at mania “78,363” than people around the world that orderd lockdown. untill hogan and bishoff leave TNA is a sinking ship. Honestly so sad considering TNA held so much promise prior to Dixie becoming another stupid mark and running the company into the ground.

  7. Starr AJ says:

    It wasn’t an F but sure wasn’t A, I would say a C or low B, most of the action was good but there were parts that were boring and that dragged down the overall product.

  8. hulkster says:

    Only because the wwe marks voted for the f. I bet they never watched the ppv.

  9. RJ Ace says:

    I don’t uderstand why everything has to be WWE vs TNA. I enjoy aspects of both companies and even if you don’t like one, as a wrestling fan, you shouldn’t hope for either one to fail. 95% of the IWC has no idea how to run a wrestling company and are completely ignorant as to how the inner workings of the business operates. Lockdown wasn’t a bad ppv in my opinion but the dead crowd really sucked the life out the show.

  10. Xsu FLEX ARMSTRONG says:

    Yo mama its a blind mark dude who calls him or her who call themself the rock you so w w e elized that you look for storyline instead of great wrestling matches nobody up here gave specifics as to why that was a bad pay per view what does production and a small crowd have to do with the in ring work look beyond the storyline the in ring action is the best on tv

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