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Hulk Hogan praises Lockdown

Hogan via Twitter:

LOCKDOWN was awesome,Eric Bischoff is toast,Jeff Hardy and Kurt are still alive and Bobby Roode is now the dirtiest player in the game. HH

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  1. Phil Evans says:

    Smoke some more weed hogan and continue to ignore your show being an abortion.

  2. Randy Klemme says:

    Now we know that Hogan is not only old….but he is deaf, dumb and blind too

  3. Blaster says:

    The Hulksters contributions to this wonderful business, and in reality to life in general, can never ever be matched in this or any other lifetime of man, woman or child. He is THEE real American, Hulk Hogan!

  4. theprincedann says:

    TNA trolls. Do you just look for TNA posts so you can post your negativity?! If you’re not expecting anything good from TNA, or expecting an “abortion” then DON’T TUNE IN! Nobody is making you.. I happened to think LockDown had more good matches than bad. So take your negative faces back to Super Cena in PG Land 😉

  5. jim says:

    Tna is brutal. Sorry dan.

  6. Potter says:

    @theprincedann Rock beat Cena

  7. Mike says:

    @theprincedann lemme gues your dying for the next hogan match aren’t you.

    Real WRESTlING fans can understand all the crap we give TNA cause I can’t sleek for everybody but I was watching tna far befor the weekly time slot on spike. Befor hogan came in and made it WCW version 2.0. Back when the new guys like the x division were making wrestling fresh and new. When huge draws were guys who’d been around the world perfecting their crafts for some of the most aww inspiring matches in an up and comming company which in its hayday could’ve had a chance competing with wwe if they had done it right.

    Instead now we have a company run by someone who in all honesty must be a hogan mark who dosent realize he’s destroying what little is left of the soul of tna. How do you expect a guy who can’t even run his family(or even keep it) to run a company. Especially when he still thinks its the 80’s and he’s still relevant. Hogan is so full of himself money says he gets a mirror or watches mania 3 just to get off.

    The day hogans gone(dead or fired) is the days TNA ratings peak just cause everyone would want to confirm his departure.

  8. Rex Anderson says:


  9. Hodizx58 says:

    Smoke another one brother, cuz psychomania in runnin wild on you!!!

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