TNA LOCKDOWN: ODB/Young vs. Sarita/Rosita

Apr 15, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
ODB and Eric Young (c's) vs. Sarita and Rostia

ODB goes after Sarita and Rosita right away. ODB drops Rosita over Sarita and Eric Young jumps in counting the pinfall. ODB tells him to back off. Sarita and Rosita double team ODB. Sarita works over ODB and then tags in Rosita. Rosita with a series of kicks on ODB and starts choking her with her boot. Sarita gets the tag and she shows herself off around Young who is pretending not to look. Sarita and Rosita double team ODB more and Young jumps in to break it up. Sarita and Rosita try to butter up Young in the corner. ODB takes a drink from her flask and takes out both girls. ODB tackles Sarita and drops Rosita with a cutter. ODB gets the pinfall.

Winners and still TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: ODB and Eric Young

After the match, ODB grabs Eric Young and the two start kissing rolling around on the mat. ODB bends over, Young hits the ropes and spanks ODB.

At ringside, Mike Tenay and Taz discuss the Facebook vote for the main event in favor of James Storm. Taz thinks Bobby Roode has the advantage. Tenay disagrees thinking Storm has the advantage in his hometown tonight.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with TNA Champion Bobby Roode. “Tonight is the night the entire wrestling world has been waiting for,” says Roode. “Tonight is the night that James Storm has been waiting for in his hometown, in front of his friends, in front of his family – a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. Tonight I walk out into that cage and I prove to the entire world what I say is true – I always have been and always will be better than you. You see Storm, the talking is over. Tonight just isn't a wrestling match – tonight is a fight. Tonight I am out for blood. I hate you and you hate me. I'm coming for you Storm. I'm out for blood. Put your wife and kids to bed. Tonight I prove to the world that I am without a shadow of a doubt the most dominating World Heavyweight Champion in this company and that I am the it factor in professional wrestling.”
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A video package runs highlighting Bobby Roode vs. James Storm.

* Bobby Roode defending the TNA Championship against James Storm is up next in the main event.

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