TNA LOCKDOWN: Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

Apr 15, 2012 - by Adam Martin

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson

Matt Morgan drops Crimson with a big shoulder block, clothesline and side slam combo early on. Crimson bounces off the side of the cage when he misses an attempted body splash on Morgan. Crimson fights back dropping Morgan by going after his knee. Crimson with a big clothesline and launches Morgan back to the mat. Crimson sends Morgan into the corner and chokes him over the top rope. Morgan fights back catching Crimson with a big boot in the corner. Crimson fires back immediately with a huge spinebuster that results in a two count. Morgan with a snapmare and big boot combo on Crimson. Morgan drops Crimson face first off the top turnbuckle and then connects with a big back suplex. Morgan with a body splash on Crimson right up against the side of the cage. Morgan misses his big boot and Crimson starts climbing out of the cage. Morgan jumps up and pulls him back in. Crimson trips up Morgan and he crotches himself on the top rope. When Morgan falls back, he locks his foot on the middle and bottom rope. Crimson laughs, climbs over the cage and jumps to the outside to get the win.

Winner: Crimson

After the match, Crimson celebrates his win. Mike Tenay reminds us that Crimson remains undefeated in TNA.

A video package runs highlighting Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle.

* Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle is up next.

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