TNA LOCKDOWN: Joe/Magnus vs. The Machine Guns

Apr 15, 2012 - by Adam Martin

Taz and Mike Tenay want to know who you have tonight on Twitter: #TeamRoode or #TeamStorm.

TNA Tag Team Championships
Samoa Joe and Magnus (c’s) vs. The Motorcity Machine Guns

They screwed up the music for the Machine Guns during the entrance causing some confusion for the fans in Nashville. We start with Magnus and Alex Shelley. Lock up and Magnus pushes Shelley away to the corner. Shelley with a quick shot to Magnus’ left leg. Tag to Samoa Joe and a tag to Chris Sabin as well. Joe with a series of kicks and some big chops. Sabin with a quick kick to the head off the ropes. Shelley gets the tag and drops a sledgehammer over the back of Joe. Tag to Magnus who takes shots from Shelley and Sabin near the corner. Tag to Joe who starts working over Sabin. Quick tag back to Magnus who starts kicking Sabin down in the corner. Quick tag to Joe who lights up Sabin with right hands. Joe with a big body splash over Sabin that was setup with a Magnus big boot. Tag back to Magnus who drops Sabin with a big spinebuster. Sabin starts fighting with elbows on Magnus and Joe. Sabin jumps up, kicks Magnus into the side of the cage and connects with a tornado DDT on Joe. Shelley gets the tag and he drops Magnus into the corner. Joe accidentally splashes Magnus and takes a big kick to the head from Shelley. Sabin with a powerbomb to Joe coming off the top rope from the corner. Shelley sends Magnus face first into the side of the steel cage and then connects with a double foot stomp from the top. Close pinfall with the Guns dropping Magnus on a double team move. Joe applies a rear naked choke on Sabin. Magnus has Shelley in a full nelson. Shelley with Sliced Bread #2 on Magnus. Joe breaks the choke and breaks up the pinfall. Shelley with a close pinfall on Magnus. Magnus plants Shelley with a big slam. Sabin is on Joe’s back attempted a choke. Joe body splashes over Shelley using Sabin. Magnus and Joe hit their double team finish with Magnus dropping the elbow off the top to get the pinfall.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Backstage, Robbie E promises a win over Devon to get back his TNA TV Championship.

* Devon defending the TNA TV Championship against Robbie E is next.

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