TNA LOCKDOWN: Devon vs. Robbie E

Apr 15, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA TV Championship
Devon (c) vs. Robbie E w/ Robbie T

Robbie goes on the attack right away sending Devon into the side of the cage and going for a quick pinfall. Robbie starts choking Devon with his boot. Robbie catches Devon with a big boot and then connects with a flying forearm from the second rope. Robbie locks on a headlock to keep the action grounded. Devon fights back crotching Robbie on the ropes. Devon with a flying shoulder block that drops Robbie. Devon with a quick neckbreaker. Devon with a body splash and big spinebuster that plants Robbie. Devon hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner and still TNA TV Champion: Devon

After the match, Robbie T hits the ring and attacks Devon. Robbie T puts Devon up on his shoulder and plants him down hard on the ring.

Backstage, Matt Morgan talks about his match with Crimson tonight.

* Gail Kim defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Velvet Sky is up next.

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