TNA LOCKDOWN: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm (TNA Title)

Apr 15, 2012 - by Adam Martin

TNA Championship
Bobby Roode (c) vs. James Storm

As Bobby Roode circled the cage during his entrance, James Storm jumped out and attacked him from behind. The two start brawling around the outside of the ring. Storm sends Roode into the steel ring barricade. Storm puts the steel ring steps on its side and Storm sends Roode face first into them. Storm grabs one of his beer bottles, takes a sip and spits the beer in the face of Roode. Referee Earl Hebner is yelling at the two to get inside the cage. Storm sends Roode back first into the steel ring barricade. Roode then fires back sending Storm face first into the cage. Storm is busted open when Roode grabs a beer bottle, takes a sip and spits it into the face of Storm.

Roode tosses a bloody Storm into the ring and the bell officially rings. Roode sends Storm face first into the side of the cage once inside. Roode punches the bloody forehead of Storm repeatedly. Roode chokes Storm agains the ropes yelling, “You want to fight me! Fight me pussy!” Roode with a big suplex and knee to the head combo on Storm. Roode with right hands and Storm starts getting fired up. Roode cuts off Storm with a high elbow. We see a shot of country music singers Montgomery Gentry and James Storm's wife. Storm catches Roode with an elbow in the corner. Roode follows with a clothesline. Roode starts driving the face of Storm across the steel cage. Roode talks trash to a bloody Storm in the corner. Storm fights to his feet and is firing himself up. Storm throws Roode to the corner and opens up some big right hands. Roode falls and Storm with some crazy kicks. Storm with a high back body drop on Roode. Roode counters an Eye of the Storm attempt. Storm trips up Roode and catapults him face first into the cage. Storm then sends Roode back into the cage again. Storm connects with the Eye of the Storm, hooks the leg and Roode barely kicks out after two. Roode with a spinebuster, cover and Storm gets a shoulder up. Roode is now busted open. Storm with a Codebreaker and then Backcracker combo on Roode, covers and Roode again gets a shoulder up barely after two. Storm drives Roode's face across the cage returning the favor. Roode lifts Storm over the top rope and right into the side of the cage. Roode opens the cage door and tries climbing out when Storm hooks on his leg. Roode gets a Crossface locked on Storm. Storm rolls through and gets to the ropes. Roode props Storm up on the top turnbuckle. Storm and Roode are both standing up. Roode drives the back of Storm's head into the cage. Storm falls down to his knee. Roode starts using Storm to climb out. Storm holds on to his leg. Roode kicks Storm away. Storm jumps back up and grabs Roode by his hair. Storm pulls Roode back in. Storm and Roode take turns sending each other face first into the side of the cage. Storm gets the advantage sending Roode back to the mat below. Storm starts climbing up when Roode flips him off. Storm jumps off the top rope into a Codebreaker on Roode. Storm goes for the Last Call superkick, but Roode pulls the referee in the way. Referee is down. The door opens and Roode tells the referee to hand him a beer bottle. Roode gets a beer bottle and smashes it over the head of Storm. Roode calls for the referee to get back in. Roode covers Storm…1…2…Storm gets a shoulder up. Roode is shocked. Storm with a Last Call. Storm gets ready for another Last Call, connects, but it sends Roode through the steel cage door and to the outside.

Winner and still TNA Champion: Bobby Roode

After the match, James Storm pleads with the referee. The referee signals for the bell and puts the TNA Championship over a knocked out Bobby Roode. The PPV goes off the air with an upset James Storm jumping into the crowd and hugging what appeared to be a family member.

* Thanks for joining us tonight!

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