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Benoit theme song retired by band

In a blog posted by the Huffington Post it was revealed that Our Lady Peace – the band who performed the Chris Benoit WWE theme song – had retired the particular song because it is associated with Benoit. Titled “Whatever,” the band’s frontman Raine Maida said that they would never perform the song again due to the “incomprehensible tragedy” surrounding Chris Benoit following the double murder-suicide that rocked the world of professional wrestling in 2007.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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  1. says:

    I love this song, whatever, lawls!

  2. Triple_P says:

    Hey BenoitFan, I am on your side.

    Hey wrestling fans. None of us have the right to judge Chris Benoit. Only God has the right to judge him. None of us were there in the summer of 2007. Nobody knows what truly happened that weekend in June.

    If any of you seen the move, “RED” with Bruce Willis. There was a particular scene where the main guy that was hunting down Bruce Willis’ character was introduced into the film as a guy who murdered somebody and made it look like a suicide.

    Who is to say that that did not happen to Chris Benoit? What if someone made it look like he murdered his family and he was murdered as well and they just covered their tracks by making it look like Chris did it?

    I was not impressed by the so called “investigation” of the Benoit family murders. I think the police acted cocky and profiled Benoit for simply being a pro wrestler. I think the conversation between the police went like this….”Yeah it’s an open-and-shut case, Johnson. Pro wrestler was doing steroids and had ‘roid rage, and then killed his wife and kid. Let’s go have some donuts!”

    According to the information they made public on how Chris was found dead, they said his neck was being hung from one of his pieces of exercise equipment. Do you know how hard it is to get that cord to get wrapped around your neck in order to commit suicide? I truly believe in my personal opinion that the police need to go investigate Nancy Benoit’s ex-husband Kevin Sullivan. Kevin Sullivan sounds like an Italian name to me, and who is say that he does not have Mafia connections?

    What if he was involved with the murder of the Benoit family? Hmmm? Is it that so implausible or unbelieveable folks?

    You talk to anybody who knew Chris Benoit, you talk to the fans who have interacted with Chris Benoit. Nobody would have a negative thing to say about him before the weird events that occurred in June of 2007.

    Nobody would have ever picked Benoit as being capable of doing those horrendous murders.

    I have never believed he did it and I never will. Not until you can show me concrete proof that those three people were the only ones in that house that weekend of June.

    We can all speculate on what happened all we want. But none of us will truly know what happened that night. None of us! Not until we face our Creator and find out the truth maybe then. If we die and go to heaven, and see Benoit up there. Then we know he was innocent.

    If Benoit is truly guilty of committing those murders, then there is no way he could have been in his right frame of mind. Possibly due to brain trauma which changed his personality and behaviors, possibly due to a demonic possession and he had no control over his actions. We just simply don’t know what took place that night. This case will become one of the most unsolved mysteries ever in the history mankind.

    But no matter how much we want to voice our opinions and speculate on what we think happened that crazy weekend. There is simply no way we can truly predict or find out the truth of those events.

    Chris Benoit will forever be remembered by me as truly one of the finest pro wrestlers I have had the pleasure of watching perform. And I truly believe that his wrestling exploits, accomplishments, and his career should be remembered regardless of how he died. We as people need to keep our perspectives in check and remain objective.

    His career needs to be chronicled in pro wrestling lore and history, not his last weekend alive.

    So please people, let’s not talk ill will about the dead anymore. Let’s move on and just simply let them all rest in peace.

    Sincerely missing Benoit’s wrestling,


  3. Chris James says:

    Funny how everyone that claims it was ‘roid rage’ wouldn’t even know that term if it weren’t for other idiots saying it. Because that’s how these idiots who make jokes decide what they think is they copy what others say… Instead of researching and forming their own opinion. Benoit’s brain was that of an 80 year old with Alzheimer’s. Read first, before making jokes. You asses.

  4. Chris James says:

    People still kiss Oj’s ass and that son of a gun brutalized his wife…

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