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Detailed Recap of The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 6

Episode 6: Dog with No Bark

We begin with clips of last weeks show where Michael Chiesa beat Jermey Larson to tie up the team battle 2 – 2. Next we see a drunken Chris Tickle yelling and screaming in the locker room and talking about how he is going to beat Joe Proctor. Dominick Cruz tells him to shut up and do his talking in the cage. Tickle pulls Cruz aside and tells him to push him in every drill this week. Dominick replies “What do you think I have been doing for the past 31 days?”


Back at the house Tickle weighs himself at 177 lbs and badgers Proctor into getting on the scale to reveal he is lighter by two pounds. A still inebriated Tickle makes a big deal about how close they are in weight while several of his team mates feel Tickle should take things seriously because it’s not everyday they get trained by a world champion. Mike Rio’s knee still hurts and is wearing an ice pack. Rio feels he can fight until he is 40 while Justin Lawrence believes it’s all over at age 30.


Team Cruz Training Session #1

Cruz apologizes to Tickle for being so hard on him in the locker room the night before. Cruz’s makes this training session pretty difficult and wants his team to learn how to fight out of tough situations. Rio and Lawrence spar and Rio objects to Lawrence throwing spin kicks and eventually gets caught with one. Rio objects even more while Lawrence says he pulled the kick. Rio says “How would you like it if I get you in am arm bar, pop my hips and take you out of the tournament?” Rio proceeds to take him down over and over again at will until Lawrence walks off in frustration.


Team Faber Training Session #1

Proctor says his Boxing has improved and loves to bang but his BJJ is his bread and butter. Faber feels Proctor’s technique will capitalize on Tickle’s brawling approach as he tends to keep his chin up. Faber also recognizes that Tickle is a “time bomb” who doesn’t mind getting hit. Proctor feels he is the more well rounded fighter and that will lead him to victory.


Chris Tickle is board at the house and tapes Proctor’s water jug to the door for someone to get wet and who is the first person from the blue team to walk in the door…Joe Proctor. Proctor got a laugh out of it while Tickle admires his handy work and says “I got him today and I’m gonna beat his ass this weekend”.


It’s Easter Sunday and everyone is kind of down because they are not at home with their families. They decide to have some fun by throwing the hot tub cover in the pool and jump on it for entertainment while Chris Tickle cooks a turkey for Easter dinner. Tickle reveals he is a self trained fighter who leaned BJJ on Youtube and never had a coach until three months ago. Says he is fighting for his family and wants to show his kids that dreams are real and just don’t give up.


Team Cruz Training Session #2

Cruz feels it is very important that Tickle stops all takedowns because every minute on the ground during a two round fight means your losing. Tickle says he is on a five fight win streak and feels Proctor has never fought anyone of his caliber.



Joe Proctor: 155 lbs

Chris Tickle: 153 lbs while eating a slice of pizza on the scale

   Team Cruz: Chris Tickle vs. Team Faber: Joe Proctor


Round 1: Tickle is the aggressor and finds his range early with two head kicks and a right leg kick that lands quite nicely. Proctor clinches with Tickle up against the fence but loses control as they end up back in the center of the cage. Tickle is connecting with some solid punches. Proctor clinches again and attempts to throw some knees but Tickle keeps circling to avoid any damage. Tickle throws an elbow to escape the clinch but Proctor shoots for a double leg and takes him down. Proctor immediately takes his back and sinks in a tight rear naked choke. Tickle fights it like you wouldn’t believe but he taps with 19 seconds left in the round.

Winner: Joe Proctor via submission 

Team Faber is up 3-2 and maintains control of the fight picks. Urijah thanks his coaches for the great job they are doing and picks John Cofer to fight Team Cruz’s Vinc Pichel.

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