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Next week’s Raw main event

WWE confirmed tonight that next week’s main event of the 4/16 Monday Night RAW will be CM Punk vs. Mark Henry for the WWE Championship in a no disqualification match.

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  1. seanyd93 says:

    okay, so we get to see CM Punk vs Mark Henry for the WWE title, 3 weeks in a row on RAW? And I honestly have no idea where this is going…
    1) CM Punk either retains and for some stupid reason, Jericho gets his 3rd title shot at a PPV since returning and not earning anything, or
    2) Punk loses the title and forgets all about it and feuds with Y2J and Mark Henry is just given a title, again, and goes on to have a pointless feud with god knows who, or
    3) CM Punk loses the title, and fueds with Mark Henry and Y2J?

    Ugh, I’m confused :/

  2. Denis says:

    If you are confused you must be a member of WWE creative

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