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Konnan reveals the advice HBK gave Rey Mysterio about doing jobs

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AAA matchmaker Konnan and MLW President/former WWE Creative Executive Court Bauer once again joined Mister Saint Laurent on MLW Radio presented by, the official podcast of Major League Wrestling. Both spoke about Shawn Michaels’ disdain for losing.

“I remember that was a big thing with Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan. It was supposed to be three matches and it became one match, which was a cartoon match because of the sensitivity of who was going over,” said Bauer.

Konnan added, “Shawn told this to Rey Mysterio once and I couldn’t believe it and I told Rey Mysterio, please don’t follow that advice. He said that Shawn once told him, ‘Do you like doing jobs?’ and Rey said, ‘I don’t mind.’ Shawn said, ‘I don’t. I don’t like doing jobs and you shouldn’t either.’ I was thinking to myself, that’s the worst advice you can give to a young guy. You just never know when a wrestler is going to go to Vince when nobody is listening and say I’d rather not do this. I don’t want to put these guys over.”

You can listen to part 2 of the Konnan & Court Bauer episode of MLW Radio presented by for FREE at and on iTunes (search: MLW Radio) and

Other topics include:

-Konnan calls out Court and puts him in the hot seat~!

-Konnan details being backstage at WWE during the CM Punk promo on Kevin Nash and what he said to Nash afterwards.

-Crazy Teddy Hart stories (how Vince McMahon is working with NASA, AAA Christmas Party gone awry).

-AAA in the U.S.

-What major WWE Superstar Court passed on and how he feels looking back.

-A huge WWE Bret Hart/Hart Foundation 2.0 vs. HBK and his trainees angle designed for WWE.

-WWE’s 2 go arounds with Teddy Hart and the insanity that ensued as well asa how the deal was put in place.

-Who Court had as his original “core 4” for MLW early on when it was in development in the early 2000s.

-What MAJOR video game company nearly acquired Major League Wrestling.

-What smash hit TV show the WWE roster reminds Konnan of.

-MLW and Billy Corgan

MLW Radio is a new podcast series that’s being produced in conjunction with the MLW Digital Project, which is currently underway and includes the relaunching of, the MLW tape library going online and several more yet to be announced features. You can find out more at and

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