Finlay comments on Sheamus, McIntyre, his future, more

Apr 9, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Wrestling 101 has an interview up today with Fit Finlay:

from Kam:

Some Quotes:

* [On his release] I brought a little bit of disgrace to the company
and if I was on the board I would have made the decision to sack me as
well. Is it what it is and I have to just back and suffer the
consequences and that?s fine.

* [On Sheamus/Drew McIntyre] I know Sheamus and Drew McIntyre quite
well, and the one downside for me is that they are quite heavily
influenced by the American style of wrestling and the American way of
life which is quite easy to get caught up in.

* [Future plans] We are starting a new company in Japan with Tajiri
and are just coming up with a name and are looking to start in May.

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