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Hulk Hogan responds to Scott Steiner’s harsh comments

Hulk Hogan via Twitter:

Wow do I feel like a fool!I knew Steiner came to TNA the last tapings then was asked to leave,I heard the news and I was lobbying hard to Bring him back the right way because I see money and talent in him,I had no idea he felt that way about me because he is always really nice To me and my family,guess I was really wrong,at least I know who he really is now. HH

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  1. Josh says:

    Yeah, he really changed after he joined the NWO.

  2. A_FAX says:

    I’m just the Hulkster brother! All I ever do is train and say my prayers and take vitamins. I’m over with everybody brother. I can’t believe anyone has anything bad to say about me brother.

  3. Mike says:

    Yes. He is one of the masses who wants wrestling to succeed and has come to the realization the rest of us have which is that hulk hogan is the biggest thing holding back TNA. Like everything else in his more recent life he has FAILED!

    Don’t get me wrong I loved hogan in the old days but now it’s just sad. Someone take old red and Yeller out back and put him down already.

  4. loo s says:

    Yea brother …i saw money in him…we were going to sell out the Pontiac silverdome with 250,000 people just like when I bodyslammed that 950 lb giant….oh wait the silverdome is gone? You mean this isn’t 1987 anymore? And I’m not married to Linda? And im not on the WWF? How did I manage to mess my life up?

  5. CaptainO says:

    @loo s Silverdome is still standing bro.

    Hopefully that 7,000 buy rate at Victory Road will have them rethink their gameplan.

  6. Shon says:

    Hogan needs to go. Should have gone out of wrestiling site along time ago.

  7. loo s says:

    Lol @Captain my bad I was thinking Hoosierdome….well anyways he’s too old….

  8. Chris Epic says:

    Really Hogan saw talent in a guy thats already established, wow what a visionary. Hogan quit pretending ur a victim, & just admit ur running TNA into the ground in hopes that Vince will buy it, since thats the only way ur ever gonna get signed again.

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