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Video: John Cena Should Have Pinned The Rock At Wrestlemania 28

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  1. James says:

    But he didn’t.


  2. chris says:

    I think its insane john cena didnt pin the rock. But I have a bigger question…why do so many people dislike John Cena. He gives his heart and soul to the business everyday..and my opinion is anyone who says that John Cena sucks..lets see you get in the ring and do better.

  3. mike says:

    not this crap again. just from the logo im not bothering listening. These are the same fools who were crying about the rock being out of shape. Working a 30 minute match is no easy task whoever u r. Next thing you know theyll be saying hogan can save TNA

  4. rich nyce says:

    Yea he should have that was his moment 4 more then just greatness I love the rock but let’s face it the guy moves over 4 nobody

  5. Chris James says:

    Lesnar, Angle, Jericho, Austin.. I can go on. The Rock has put enough people over to say he’s given back. Cena didn’t need to win. He’s John Cena. The fans that love him will love him regardless if he loses or not. And kids will still buy his shirts. The Rock deserved the win in his hometown for his contributions to the business. Haters Gone Hate. Should rise above that… :-)

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