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Rumored top matches for Wrestlemania 29

– WWE Title Match: The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar

– Steve Austin vs. CM Punk

– The Undertaker vs. John Cena

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. RJ Ace says:

    Well I can’t speak for the other people here but I wasn’t being serious. I would be mad if Cena ended the streak because I think it’s a huge mistake on all levels but I get what you’re saying. I wouldn’t have an issue with Taker losing at Mania if WWE handled the push correctly of the guy who ended it. They give so many guys the start stop push that it damages long term drawing ability. If Undertaker is going to lose, I think it has to be to someone who they absolutely feel is going to be a major star for years to come and that they are going to fully get behind as a top guy. If somebody beats Undertaker at Wrestlemania and then is losing 3 minute throwaway matches on tv a few months later, it’s a complete waste of time.

  2. Darrin says:

    The matches all sound great. But there is a year until this happens who knows if they will be healthy at this time next year.

  3. smartbus says:

    I think a lot of us wrestling fans seem to be a bit selfish about this. I don’t think anybody at WWE is going to make taker do anything at this point. If taker wants the streak to end he’ll let it end. If he decides to hang it up before WM 29 then we’ll all know what they wanted him to do.

  4. Rumours says:

    So Austin’s neck is magically OK enough to handle a match now? As opposed to why he hasn’t been in a match in the last several years? Also, while I would love to see Taker beat Cena I feel like now, at a nice round 20-0, is the time for him to make his graceful exit. For all the griping about how part-time the Rock is he’s had more TV time than Taker lately. If you’re not forced into early retirement (a la Edge) you want to pick the right time and the right way to hang it up (a la Ric Flair) instead of being that guy who’s hanging on just a little too long (a la Ric Flair). Not saying that Taker is there yet, but with the schedule he’s keeping and the age he’s getting to it’s time to start thinking about it, as painful as that is to say.

  5. N. Gaijin says:

    I agree, these are really just rumors and rumors that honestly don’t make much sense to me. I already explained why Rock vs Lesnar doesn’t make sense when the rumor first came up, and it makes even less sense that either of them will be champion. We now know more of the details surrounding their contracts for the coming year and while Brock will be making more regular appearances than The Rock, he still won’t be around enough to really be what I’d call a proper champ. For so many reasons it makes more sense to have Brock/Taker at ‘Mania or Brock/Cena/Rock, if, for some reason, Taker can’t go. Punk/Austin is something that’s been kicked around for awhile now, and I can definitely see it happening if Austin is in the right shape for it. I do believe Austin had said in an interview that he’d prefer taking on a heel Punk than Punk in his current role, though.

    I really can’t see Taker ever losing at ‘Mania. I don’t know of any young guy who is so committed to the company that they could afford to throw so much behind him. There’s really no reason for anyone who is already established to beat him, either. In fact, in recent years, it’s become more of a big deal simply to challenge him, so it makes more sense that well-established names are stepping up to the plate, even though they’re ultimately going to lose. It really works just fine like that, because fans are still going to believe he’s going to lose at some point, and that’s really where the the whole point of it lies. It’s one of those things that still challenges a wrestling fan’s skepticism… no matter how “smart” they are, or claim to be.

  6. Meh says:

    WWE Title Match: The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar Been done before only it was for the WWE Undisputed title.

    I would rather see:
    Rock vs Sheamus
    CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold

  7. Anony-mouse says:

    Aside from being in the business for 20+ years, the Streak is all Undertaker has… They gave cena the most WWE championship reigns (makes me sick)… They gave Austin the most Royal Rumble wins at 3, if I’m not mistaken… Ric Flair, to the best of my knowledge, still has the most World Title reigns…. TAKER HAS HIS STREAK… If it ends, then it was all for nothing.. Then he might as well have lost his first Wrestlemania… And if for some unholy reason cena is the one to end the streak, then all is lost…

    That’d be like staying cena is better than Triple H, better than Ric Flair, even better than Shawn Michaels…

    And I’m sure we can ALL agree, he is NOT better than Shawn Michaels.

  8. turtle says:

    @anony: What? The Undertaker is a 7x world champion, 7x world tag team champion, has one of the best gimmicks ever, has won multiple awards for match of the year, and is arguably the best big man ever. So, if he goes 20-1 or 21-1 he has nothing? You have miserably underrated the legacy of the Undertaker!

  9. Shon says:

    Taker’s body is about finished. I don’t think he will come back. Triple H should’nt have been the one to “end the streak” because he isn’t that active himself. He won’t even do house shows.

  10. Anony-mouse says:


    Apparently you didn’t understand what I said… I’m well aware of Taker’s accomplishments in WWE… but the streak is the one thing that’s HIS AND HIS ALONE… He’s a 7x world champ, yeah… But cena is a 10x champ… 10 is more than 7… So when people ask who has the most WWE or World Heavyweight Championship Title reigns, the answer will be either john cena or Ric Flair respectively… They won’t be saying Undertaker.

    That’s why I said what I said… And that’s why the streak can’t end.

    And CERTAINLY not to cena if it does.

  11. turtle says:

    Anony-mouse says “the Streak is all Undertaker has”

    @anony – Apparently you are the one that didn’t understand what YOU said. If you meant the streak would be his most known accomplishment then I agree. I don’t think the streak will ever be duplicated whether it ends or not. I may be in the minority on this but a loss doesn’t taint the streak to me.(Depending on who ends it though) .
    I highly doubt that most people think of Stone Cold and say: That’s the guy the won 3 Royal Rumbles. A great accomplishment but he will be remembered for more things first.

    Just out of curiosity, what did they give guys like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bob Backlund, and Randy Savage? Not to mention guys like Rude, Hennig, Piper, Orndorff, and DiBiase?

  12. Bobz627 says:

    Before Wrestlemania i think HHH did a house show. He did the Tombstone on someone.

  13. Anony-mouse says:

    I didn’t mean the “all Undertaker has” thing that way, and if you read what I said, you’d know that.

    @turtle – That’s NOT WHAT I’M SAYING.

    Undertaker’s legacy is cemented whether the streak breaks or not.. I KNOW THIS… But if the streak is broken, then it might as well NEVER HAVE EXISTED.

    Person1: Taker was undefeated at Wrestlemania.
    Person2: Really?
    Person1: Yeah, well except for one loss.
    Person2: Well then he wasn’t undefeated.
    Person1: But he was 20-1.. That’s impressive.
    Person2: It is, but if the loss is there, then he’s just another guy with a loss at Wrestlemania. I don’t care if he has 20 wins, that 1 loss ruins it. It just does.

    It doesn’t matter how many wins he has, if the loss is there then THERE IS NO STREAK. As soon as the ref counts 1-2-3.. The streak never existed. Undertaker becomes another guy with wins and losses, or a loss in this case, at Wrestlemania.

    What are people going to say? That he was on a roll until “this guy” beat him? He deserves better than that.

    Yeah, the guys you mentioned have multiple world title reigns and an endless sea of accomplishments and athletic ability, but they only REALLY have arguments… People will argue that Bret Hart was the greatest of all time, and people will argue that Randy Savage was the greatest of all time.. But people will argue back with there own opinions on who was the greatest, or the most technical, or who was the best on the mic… None of those guys, unfortunately, got to put anything as solid as the most title reigns with “that” belt, or the most wins in “this” match, or the most wins at “that” event or “that” venue… Taker IS one of those guys that gets to say I have the most blah blah blah in this department, and he should keep that.

    And NO, Stone Cold won’t be remembered most for having 3 Royal Rumble wins, but it’s there, and it’s HIS… It’s just one of those things that he has, that no one else has.. Like Taker’s streak.

    That’s why it’s a big deal if it ends.. That’s why it matters who get to end it, if that day comes… Because whoever ends the streak will ERASE Taker’s streak from history and add to their own legacy as the guy who got to do that.. They become the man who changed history… But Taker’s beaten the best already, several times, so if they let someone else (like cena) end it, then it would be a joke.

  14. turtle says:

    @anony – I’m glad you are finally saying what you mean. I see where you are coming from but let’s focus on Wrestlemania instead of the streak. WWE and fans have blown the streak out of proportion. They labeled Shawn as Mr. Wrestlemania becuase of his performances. They couldn’t call the Undertaker Mr. Wrestlemania(which he really is)so they came up with the streak gimmick. If you focus on the streak only then I can see where u lose touch with everything else. The streak ends, I know there is no streak then, but who else is ever going to win 20 wrestlemanias? He will be remembered as having the greatest Wrestlemania record ever. The greatest either way not focusing on the streak.

    Greatest boxer ever? Muhammad Ali – lost his last 2 fights (3 out of last4) Age

    Greatest mma fighter? Fedor Emelianenko – was undefeated lost 3 in a row (still considered the greatest) Age

    Greatest NBA player? Michael Jordan – retired in 99 and then came back…….wasn’t the same (still the greatest) Age

    Wrestling(most championships) Ric Flair – credited whit 16 (really 20+) had to lose, couldn’t keep winning (hasn’t seen one in 12 years) Age

    Greatest NFL team? Most consider it to be the 85′ Bears (even though the 72′ Dolphins were the only undefeated team in history)

    Everybody knows that when you get older you can’t do what you use to. All the greats will get beat by someone younger if they stay in their sport or field long enough. The Undertaker is 47 and his career is coming to an end. If he can give some younger guy that they’re gonna push to the moon, he should give them the rub. Nobody will ever beat his record either way(it would be awhile if ever) so why not give a young talent a major push! It can make 2 people instead of just 1.

  15. Anony-mouse says:

    The problem is that in today’s WWE, talent is wasted.. They release people that could be legends… Two quick examples of people who shouldn’t have been released are Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James… They let go of REAL talent and keep heaping piles crap like The Miz and cena… Is cena good on the mic? Yeah, I hate the guy, but I’ll admit that… His in ring ability, if it can even be called that, is disgusting… Every match he’s in that people consider great, involved him being carried… His match with CM Punk at MITB is the most recent example of that… john cena is literally what would happen if they gave RoboCop a WWE contract.

    Back to WWE creating not knowing what to do… They could give the streak to a younger, newer guy, then that same guy gets buried in the coming months because they “don’t have anything for him”… That would REALLY be throwing it away.

    Honestly, I could give two s#!ts about Taker’s streak… but for WWE and millions of people, it’s become important.

    If that day comes, where Taker decides he wants to put over a younger guy and give them that history making, career defining moment of defeating him at WM, then I hope it goes to someone who deserves it.

    The only guys, currently there, I see deserving of that title would be Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, or Dolph Ziggler…. Maybe Orton… Orton is honestly one of the best wrestlers there now, but his in ring work has become pretty stale lately… You only get to see it, if he gets to have a nice, long match with someone else who can wrestle.

    But it would have to be this year coming up, or possibly Wrestlemania 30… He really is getting old and needs to retire… If it was my choice, he’d be retired right now.

  16. Me says:

    Taker streak needs to excist. Even after the taker is gone. Like Hogan slamming Andre. The second the streak is over. they loose that advertisement. Taker can never loose the streak. They can even in the future have some else try and beat it.

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