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PPV estimates not good for TNA’s Victory Road

Based on cable estimates, TNA’s Victory Road bombed on pay-per-view doing an estimated 7,000 buys, with the Bobby Roode vs. Sting match, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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  1. Ho Kogan says:

    .. WOW

  2. justblazin says:

    this company needs to make a natural star. too much processed stuff going on in tna. processed stuff works for wwe with their budget and fame but with tna they need to make a star out of someone or get someone people really wanna see who can talk on the mic and do it all rather than forcing people to a “good guy” that bores you to death and can’t sell you the image they’re supposed to be selling.

  3. Steve says:

    That is just terrible.

  4. Big Dave says:

    Another video library for Vince to buy for a bottom basement price I’m sure!

  5. Paul Griffin says:

    Arent these normal numbers for their PPVs that are just used to build to the next episode of Impact or their next PPV?

  6. cold says:


  7. calimike says:

    14,000 buys for Victory Road 2011 PPV, according to Meltzer’s latest issue.

  8. Gaul says:

    I’ve always thought they should abandon PPVs and build angles towards a Clash of the Champions style show on SPIKE or special 3 hour Impacts. It will be interesting what Lockdown draws since they consider that and Bound for Glory as their two big PPVs.

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