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Eric Bischoff comments on Brock Lesnar’s return

Bischoff via Twitter:

Somewhat surprised by Brocks decision to come back to WWE. Some guys do it for $, some for the love of performing. Either way, good for biz!

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22 Responses

  1. loo s says:

    In other words….y couldn’t we sign him? Oh yeah cuz our products is horrible

  2. Kerry says:

    Like Bischoff REALLY knows what’s good for business.

  3. Kyle Christie says:

    Jealous much EB?

  4. brookside raider says:

    TNA doesn’t need any more washed up WWE wrestlers. If TNA would have gone after Lesnar, people would have bitched about it. TNA didn’t go after Lesnar, people bitch about it. How can they win? Damned if you do & damned if you don’t.

  5. -J- says:

    so what is bischoff’s reason for “doing it?”

  6. Kevin says:

    Yeah, I wouldnt go to a second rate show either.
    I can barely get through a ep of tna before I fall asleep.
    dont get me wrong there’s alot of great talent but they think promos are everything which its not. I feel like i watch a bad episode of jerry springer every thursdays.
    my main focus is still RoH, and jcw.

  7. RO0o says:

    @brookside raider

    Yeah that’s the PG generation of WWE marks for you. 😀

  8. Chris Epic says:

    Wtf how is he jealous, just cause his idea of Lesner being the 5th man on his team, & going on to Garrett has been ruined does not mean he’s jealous.

  9. Will says:


    Yeah, that’s the current generation of 12 year old TNA marks for you a dur hur hur.

  10. rich nyce says:

    Tna has great talent like james storm eric young a babby rude but they really don’t do good shows imean eric can b as funny as he is an still b serious in ring an he is not also tired of the dragging of the same storm an roode main plot angle needs 2 reinvent himself o somethn tired of him an hardy I dunno had more thunder in the wwe I think he sux now while there tag div is good an better then wwe I don’t like there womens div they let anybody b the hi rank of that div hogan has nothn more 2 contribute an sting well people complain bout cena but sting is also the same except he is in a retired stage an should stay just being gm of impact plus a lot of there other talent suk an aj styles use 2 b awesome now he is just watered down bully ray is betterr then ever an should b da world champ. After storm of coarse

  11. RO0o says:

    12 years old kids aren’t allowed to watch TNA, They can enjoy Super Cena, Santino & The Muppets every Monday on Raw. 😉

  12. ted e bear says:

    Brock could not handle the real fighting of ufc so he runs back to the fake fighting of the wwe, what a joke he is.

  13. theprincedann says:

    @RO0o lol, i completely agree.

  14. Beast says:

    I watch TNA yesterday after about a year of not watching and I thought it was CRAP! Wasn’t surprised. james storm is VERY KOOL though.

  15. jon says:

    k.tired of the tna fanboys vs wwe marks stuff on here. let’s just say this and perhaps educate the morons.. wwe was around b4 TNA.. will be around after TNA, if it wasnt for vince mcmahon there would be no wwe, there would be no tna, no roh, there wouldnt have been a wcw.. no ecw either. NONE OF IT WOULD EXIST if it wasnt for mcmahon.

    This PG stuff.. whats tna? tv 14? does it make them better? NOPE. so stop the pg garbage on here. like you realize the hogan era was pg and the attitude era was really the only non pg era in wwe/wwf history right? i mean you realize that?

    Lets go one step further, can watch cena santino and the muppets on raw? sure can, can watch old man hogan,bischoff and his boys on tna.. they are basically muppets themselves. Its funny, people state facts on here.. fact: WWE IS BETTER.. its how it is. “wrestlers” want to go to WWE. wrestlers go to tna if wwe doesnt want them. if you honestly believe that wwe isnt the place to be and that every wrestler wants to be there.. well, i dunno what to say. Its like.. lets use FOOTBALL here.. they all want to play in the NFL.. if they dont they go and play for the minor leagues really like the USFL or whatever. Wrestlers want to wrestle for wwe, if wwe dont want them, they go to the minors.. and like it or not.. tna is indeed minor league.

  16. Chris James says:

    Can’t even compare the WWE to TNA…. Show a new viewer an episode of Smackdown then Impact they’ll think Impact is from Mexico… No offense.

  17. Chris James says:

    Production value alone is pathetic.. You have Taz who is barely awake calling matches. You have the other guy next to him reading a script. You have Christy Hemme who is the only thing going for them (even though she’s from WWE) oh and they have Mickie James.. So that’s good. Everything else is either WWE rejects or crap. Hogan is delirious Bischoff’s son looks like a male stripper and I’m pretty sure Kurt Angle thinks he’s on Jupiter… But yeah, TNA! TNA! TNA! TNA!

  18. Chris James says:

    Brian Kendrick runs out after smoking a bowl Jeff hardy is busy painting D Von keeps having crap feuds with the lame ass pope and Aj styles is over rated… He’s like tna’s Evan Bourne.. Pretty cool but, who cares really????? There. I just summed up tna programming.

  19. Chris James says:

    Lesnar showing up on Raw = just jump off a cliff TNA

  20. Hipnosis says:

    lol Eric…. like he knows what “GOOD BIZ” is. Get your son and Gunner off TV and PPV’s each damn week in a 1 on 1 match all the damn time!

  21. RO0o says:

    Get your facts straight.
    Lesnar showing up on Raw = WWE can’t make new stars.
    There’s no “wrestling” in WWE, No wrestler wants to be in this joke of a company.
    The old piece of sh*t Vince didn’t invent pro wrestling, he ruined it.
    The only bad thing in TNA is Hogan and his friend Bischoff. The only good thing about WWE is how funny & desperate their marks are.

  22. -J- says:

    Hogan/Bischoff/Dixie are the problems with TNA…the talent is pretty good there and it is a shame that they are underutilized.

    Brock in WWE = Brock retired from UFC and WWE made a No-Brainer business move that peaked fans interest and made things a bit more exciting on the heels of Wrestlemania.

    Calling a wrestling fan a mark is the markiest thing a mark can do like a mark…and ps it’s all a work so don’t mark too much.

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