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Spoiler: Match set for TNA’s Lockdown PPV

The Lethal Lockdown match:

Team Garett Bischoff (Garett himself, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Ken Anderson and Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Eric Bischoff match (Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Gunner, and ?)

The stipulation for the match is that if Eric’s team loses, he’s out of TNA.


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  1. Ray Sanders says:

    When did Austin Aries turn babyface??? I need to watch Impact more often.

  2. A_FAX says:

    No you don’t. TNA has regressed so much in the last two years. Its slowly dying and I honestly think they’ll be dead and buried within the next 5. TNA has become unbearable to watch. They don’t complete storylines and they drop angles and then pick them back up. There is zero consistency. They have no tag division anymore and I’m sorry but Austin Aries against the same three guys doesn’t hardly constitute an X division. If Bob and Janice Carter insist on staying in the wrestling business they need to remove their incompetent daughter from the company and simply invest wile letting “wrestling people” run the show. Its not even funny anymore. I wish I could talk to Dixie Carter face to face because I would tell her that 1 she has no one but herself to blame in concern to TNA’s abysmal state and 2 that she knows absolutely nothing about the wrestling business and in 10 years her knowledge has actually regressed. On the indy’s we have a term for Dixie and its Money$$$Mark. And that’s what she is a money mark. Thoughts??? Truth. Fairfax

  3. trev bourne says:

    first off i hope its a new wrestler or bring back the pope
    second off we know that garett is going to win
    third off this sounds just like wwe’s mania watch (just saying)


    @ trev bourne – It’s fairly obvious that it’s going to be Eric Bischoff himself taking the final spot on his team.

    Looking at the talent involved, this looks like it might be one of the most interesting Lethal Lockdown matches of all-time.

  5. Mr. Black says:

    I think the stips should be either way, a bischoff leaves tna.

  6. rich nyce says:

    Bishov is exausting wat happen 2 the innovating guy from wcw an monday nt raw wow he just sux now an tna comon man needa sterp ure game up wwe is were its @ 4. Sure u can’t compete wt their history as it makes history evday hhh taker rok stoncold lesnar show cena kane orton comon history

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