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Former WWE superstar arrested for Rx Drug Scam


Arrested for Rx Drug Scam

Former “Surreal Life” star Maven Huffman — a former WWE superstar — was arrested in Florida on Monday after cops say he was “doctor shopping” to get his fix of painkillers.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … cops uncovered Huffman had gone to 3 doctors in 2 weeks and scored multiple prescriptions for Oxycodone and Hydrocodone.

35-year-old Huffman allegedly went to multiple pharmacies to fill his prescriptions — in what appears to be a ploy to conceal his activity. In total, cops believe Maven scored more than 1000 pills.

FYI — in Florida, it’s a crime to go from doctor to doctor to obtain multiple prescriptions for a controlled substance without telling the doctors about it.

Maven — who was released on $2,000 bond — faces up to 5 years in prison if convicted of doctor shopping.

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10 Responses

  1. matt says:

    smh.. he mite be ‘tough enough’ after 5 yrs in prison

  2. mshelez says:

    Throwing out my two cents here. If someone is addicted to pain pills, I can see them going to different doctors over the course of months but going to different doctors over the course of two weeks and getting that many pills sounds like he is trying to sell them. I hope that is not the case because that is just stupid. How do people get themselves into such hard times that they risk jail like this? I’ll never understand.

  3. Beast says:

    Poor guy.

  4. -J- says:

    wasn’t he working for the shopping network in FL?

  5. Deathedge says:


    That’s where he was last I checked. He also popped up on the indy scene once in a blue moon.

  6. JD Storm says:

    @mshelez, i’ve got similar suspicions. getting that many pills in just two weeks doesn’t sound like addiction. sounds more like selling on the black market.

  7. t-bone mcnasty says:

    if times are so hard, go to TNA.

  8. Mr. Black says:

    He should have just stuck with the Simon System.

  9. DeathNote81 says:

    I never expected anything like this from HIM. Then again, I haven’t seen him since his WWE days, so…

  10. Bobz627 says:

    Huh. Raven…. Maven

    Maven sucked. He was like a generic CAW from a wrestling game in real life.

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