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Epico Twitter rant a work

WWE Tag Team Champion Epico taking to Twitter complaining about not being put on the main Wrestlemania 28 card is an angle, reports the Wrestling Observer.

Click here for Epico’s Twitter rant.

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  1. Phillip aka JYD Jr says:

    So i guess this is leading to the Tag Team Division being boosted again or maybe Epico n Primo will be fueding with the higher ups…lol…

  2. -J- says:

    twitter is the new means of furthering storylines…wwe is figuring out how to control leaks by making fans second guess what’s real and what is a work.

  3. loo s says:

    What is it with people misspelling feud? I’ve seen it several times on this site and in a couple of other ones

  4. ken says:

    lol angle or not, its still what the tag team champions would be complaining about

  5. Bert says:

    It has to be a work or he would be fired by now!

  6. Beast says:

    Reality Era. His Tweet fooled me. Lol I love the Reality stuff. :)

  7. Druck says:

    This is a good thing, the tag team division needs to be bolstered. While the twitter rant will not necessarily propell the tag champs into the forefront of the two main shows, any storyline with tag teams is a good thing at this point. There are a ton of guys in developmental that they could pair together, the tag team division could seriously be flourishing if the higher ups made it more of a priority.

  8. MattR says:

    What are they going to do a run in with someone that was on the card, like Show or Shaemus soon. Possibly Punk, but these 3 are already in a feud, it wouldn’t make much sense.

  9. N. Gaijin says:

    @loo s:
    Because some people apparently confuse the pronunciation with “food”… does that surprise you?


  10. aag44 says:

    So Epico and Primo (w/ Rosa Mendes) vs. Flo Rida & Machine Gun Kelly (w/ Sia & Ester Dean) for the Tag Titles at Extreme Rules??? :-/

  11. Bommaniac says:

    This is a work from the wrestling observer.

  12. Bommaniac says:

    My last comment was a work

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