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WWE superstar: “I thought this was WRESTLEmania .. Not CONCERTmania”

WWE tag team champion Epico posted the following to Twitter, calling out the lack of presence he and Primo had at Wrestlemania and on television this week:

Can you believe this @LaRosaMendes ? Every single WWE title was on The Wrestlemania PPV. But the WWE tag champs get the Pre-show

I thought this was WRESTLEmania…. Not CONCERTmania… Who did Flo-rida and that MGK beat??? I guess they beat the tag champs

Not only the tag champs get left out of wrestlemania… We weren’t even on Raw and it looks like we won’t be on smackdown either…

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25 Responses

  1. JPJ says:

    Well there Epico we wish you all the best in your future endeavors

  2. Beast says:

    …Dude… you want to get fired? lol relax with the Twitter =S

  3. yomama says:

    he shouldve been humbled to be on the pre-show. im sure there were guys backstage that wanted that spot. besides they got a nice match in and at least it was an actual shown match online unlike sheamus and bryan @ wm27. it’s not like him and primo are interesting enough to be higher up anyway.

  4. Masked Marauder says:

    I bet more people in the crowd knew who Flo-rida was then Epico. He needs to shut his mouth and get himself over so he can earn a spot on the card.

  5. idontgetit says:

    @Masked Marauder, Flo-rida might be famous but the other rapper certainly isn’t. The two songs that Flo-rida performed were top 10 hits in the US. The song that the other rapper performed did not even cracked the top 100. That Eminem wannabe rip-off had no business being at Wrestlemania.

    The truth is there were more than enough time to have a proper match between Bryan & Sheamus and to feature another bout with the tag team champions. The WWE wasted a lot of time unnecessarily with the Brodus Clay dance segment, the rap performances, and their video fillers – there were too many of them and they were generally too long. The first 15 minutes of the PPV featured only 18 seconds of in-ring “action”. That says it all, really.

  6. -J- says:

    Following in his cousin carlito’s path…should go over well with management.

  7. RJ Ace says:

    Who the hell does Epico think he is? The guy hasn’t even been on the active roster for a year an he’s already acting like a big shot. Although I’d much rather see matches instead of concerts, celebrities have always been a part of Wrestlemania. There were a few people that did get slighted on Sunday but this little dork wasn’t one of them. Kiss your title reign an WWE career goodbye kid.

  8. Justin Myers says:

    ahhhh kayfabing twitter

  9. Todd says:

    I agree that WWE wasted time on the singers and could’ve used that time for i don’t know, the world title match?? However it is Wrestlemania you have to EARN a spot on the card. Yes you are the champions in a dead division, however I feel your not Mania material.

  10. joey says:

    So wait its OK to complain about DBryan being shelved in 18 seconds but its not OK for someone to complain about Epico and Primo getting shelved for FloRida and this bum MGK? Strong logic.

  11. KJB says:

    Wait every title was on Wrestlemania? Stange I dont recall seeing the Divas title or the U.S. title defended. Hell Carlito didnt even wear his belt to the ring. Besides nobody wants to hear that spanish chick anyways. I swear she is more annoying then Vickie.

  12. Chris James says:

    Epico is an idiot. He can join carlito on the ‘I’m bitter cuz I got fired but I act like I don’t care on twitter all day’ list…

  13. Really says:

    he realizes that the mass firings are happening soon, right? #idiot

  14. well... says:

    Were his comments ill-advised? Maybe.
    Has he earned a spot on the card? Debatable.
    Was the “Concert-mania” comment a good point? Definitely.

  15. look at all of the people played by this worked shoot, lol

  16. Kerry says:

    It’s not ConcertMania, it’s not WrestleMania, it’s EntertainmentMania.

  17. dave says:

    Played well at that KingTony.

    Besides, MGK and FloRida did take up too much time, and mix that in with both actually entrances of Rock/Cena, it was bad.

    Maybe they’ll defend the tag titles next week on Raw when they lose to Otunga and Mark Henry?

  18. buckwheat jones says:

    WWE Tag Titles are a joke now.

  19. Darb says:

    There’s a time and a place to air frustration and on twitter straight after Mania isn’t the place. Epico should have made his words short and sweet, because I think he may have to eat them. For one what makes Epico think he has a spot on the grandest stage of them all? It is WRESTLEMANIA yes, its a show that needs to hit the headlines have all of the introductions, humour and hype to go with all of the fantastic in ring action. Epico has a lot of talent, but one of his skills must not be patience. He is a great wrestler, but he needs to just wait and see what doors open. He should be pleased his match got aired live to millions anyway. This isn’t the best time to make cheap digs. Do it after a “MITB” ppv or maybe he’ll be doing it at TNA Turning Point if he doesn’t be careful.

  20. rob says:

    Tag Team wrestling is dead … according to WWE anyway.

  21. -J- says:

    Rosa is also playing up the worked twitter shoot, wwe has figured out a new way to misinform fans and play up the drama.

  22. Really? says:

    If they don’t think Epico is good enough to be on Wrestlemania (and they may be right about that) then he shouldn’t be a WWE Tag Team Champion. Give it to someone who IS good enough. The tag team titles shouldn’t be a joke or an afterthought.

    His point about Concertmania stands. With Brodus Clay and the big butt dancers, then Machine Gun Kelly, then that purple haired chick, then Flo-Rida, AND Rock and Cena’s music, it was getting ridiculous by the time they got to the match…especially since the World Title match that opened the show got only 18 seconds, most of which was taken up by a kiss.

    Gotta say, Rock vs. Cena delivered, though.

  23. Phillip aka JYD Jr says:

    I gotta tell ya’ll its funny how people aka your marks/fans, get pist that Epico spoke out… I have no problem with the guy speaking out, you see this WM was good, but like @idontgetit said, most of the video packages, the Brodus Clay skit and that damn Crab skit was unneeded! I am glad Epico spoke up and said something, because if your going to have a damn “tag team division/titles” then you need to put them on the damn show, I mean damn I wouldve loved to see The Colons vs The Usos… I mean damn give the guys a chance or scrap the damn titles! Hope this lights a fire under them idiots on the Booking team and Vince’s ass and bring back tag team wrestling… I mean damn.

  24. rassler says:

    You got got!

  25. DeathNote81 says:

    What “Phillip aka JYD Jr.” said.

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