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Scott Steiner makes some interesting TNA comments

It was reported earlier on Monday that TNA released Scott Steiner. Steiner commented via Twitter:

Can somebody send tna’s booking team of pritchard hogan n bischoff video’s from ring ka hogan in a sex tape wont help ratings .. Ratings..what an embarassment to tna n spike tv … Wait… His ex-wife said he was who’s the guy in the sex tape Brother … Read my tweats people, I am not blasting TNA if I do I will let you know .. Right now im trying to save tna bcuz its the titanic and its sinking fast bcuz hogan n bischoff r doing the same bullsh*t they did to de …

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8 Responses

  1. Fahim Abrar says:

    Unlike everyone, I actually watched Ring Ka King…and Steiner was their main star there. Hate to see him go!

  2. Ronald B says:

    So if the ship’s sinking… Jump to WWE?

  3. river rouge MI says:

    he right i work there i know

  4. Mike says:

    I think I just marked for Scott. Only way to save TNA is to bury hogan(6 feet under)

  5. Andy says:

    For a man who barely makes sense in his promo’s Scott is spot on here. RKK is twice as good as TNA and it has half the talent.

  6. Kerry says:

    “hogan n bischoff r doing the same bullsh*t they did to de”


  7. wildbill says:

    when scott steiner refers to de? he is referring to how
    hogan and bischoff killed wcw

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