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Bret Hart comments on Daniel Bryan’s Wrestlemania loss

Bret Hart via Twitter:

Very glad the fans were vocal in their displeasure of one of the best wrestlers on the roster being jobbed out in 18 seconds

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  1. Daniel says:

    I’m so sick of hearing this…he’s a HEEL!!! It’s supposed to piss him off…did people NOT see what they did with Bryan on Raw?! This is to advance his character and to extend his program with Sheamus. Sheamus has ALWAYS been billed as a monster who can strike and take out an opponent in an instant with the Brougue Kick. Yeah, I was disappointed they did this in the first match of the show and that one of the matches I was anticipating was so short but it’s part of a bigger storyline. Perhaps Mania wasn’t the place to do it…but that’s beside the point. Hell, it’s no different than the 5 second knock-outs people pay big money for. Get over it.

  2. Daniel says:

    *5 second BOXING knockouts

  3. Yoki says:


    It’s not that he lost. It’s how he lost. It’s pretty much his first WrestleMania moment and he DID NOT even get to wrestle. That’s what pisses us fans off.

    It could’ve been at least a 10 minutes match and it’s fine. But a squash, in 18 seconds on top of that? That’s downright disrespectful.

  4. Money says:

    Yeah we all were expecting him to lose but come on 18’s seconds for THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, is what pissed people that’s why the fans were so pissed cheered Daniel Bryan, and Yes all night long, because him and Sheamus got robbed of yet another WrestleMania match.

  5. Kerry says:

    What’s just as bad as the way the match went was the fact that a world heavyweight championship match was the very first match on the card when it should have been closer to the main event.

  6. dave says:

    I was pissed but I now take the opinion Daniel pointed out above. It has worked out for the better thus far, in terms of Bryan going over big time. Only time will tell and it did re-establish the Brogue kick as devastating but it’s dubious that they seemingly have gone straight to Sheamus-Del Rio, although I haven’t read the Smackdown spoilers yet.

  7. rob says:

    it isn’t about winning or losing – it’s about having time to put on an impressive match. Daniel Bryan and Sheamus could have done more with the amount of time MGK and Flo Rida had – WWE doesn’t care about impressing wrestling fans. They only care about making money. Which means they think it’s more cost effective to job Daniel Bryan out in 18 seconds and have mediocre musicians perform than have a World Heavyweigh Championship match.

    Glad that I bought the RoH iPPV – if you like wrestling, then I recommend you watch Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin’s ROH World Championship match. It was by far the best match this past weekend.

    … the sad thing is that Daniel Bryan and Sheamus COULD HAVE put on the best match this weekend. They were BOTH ripped off and so were us WRESTLING fans.

  8. Dos Caras Jr. fan says:

    @ Daniel

    I agreed with you until the crowd responded and crapped all over everything until the Hell in a Cell match. That was a poor way to kick off the biggest show of the year. In the end it will be ok because it was done to progress a storyline and Bryan is easily one of the most over performers on any roster.

  9. RJ Ace says:

    I was frustrated with the match too but I don’t think Daniel Bryan lost much by losing like that. He got caught off guard because he was being cocky. It makes him look like an ass but it’s not like Sheamus proved anything. That’s where I believe the problem is. It’s not how Daniel Bryan lost, it’s the fact that Sheamus didn’t have to earn it. Fans get behind babyfaces who overcome adversity and climb the mountain. At the end of the day though, it entertainment and people are only outraged because it was Daniel Bryan who got shafted. In terms of the character he plays, it was a perfect end to his title reign because he got so many cheap victories.

  10. Travis says:

    I’m not going to get all smarky on this one because I am not really a big fan of either men. I will say as a wrestling fan it is a shame Daniel Bryan did not get a chance to show off his talents on the big stage. I also think that winning the way he did took a bunch of steam off of Sheamus’ title run. So many people were pissed that he got booed on Raw. Not a great start to the big title run for your future “Superstar poster boy”

    And as far as the big picture….please they always drop the ball so why should anyone really believe this is all for the good of Daniel Bryan’s “heel character” cmon man!

  11. AJ Starr says:

    Daniel… the problem is, is that they wasted more than half an hour on worthless garbage. Commercials, ads, concerts, a worthless Diva tag match. Hell, Taker & HHH went on WAY too long, the last 10 minutes of the match only had about 50 seconds of action in it.

    Point is, WWE took a dump over a match they advertised and built up for weeks.

    When your supposed top heel is so popular the fans just boo him because they know they’re supposed to, and STILL give him loud ovations and chants… jobbing him out like that not only hurts him, but the entire company as well.

    A chick from Dancing With the Stars got to do more at Wrestlemania in the ring, than the World Champion.

    If you have no problem with that, stop watching wrestling, because you’re surely not a wrestling fan!

  12. Scott says:


    The problem is not that he lost, I had no problem with Sheamus going over, that’s not the point, it’s the fact that he went over in 18 seconds. A match that short DEVALUES not only Daniel Bryan, but the title belt as well. When you give a celebrity (Maria Manounos, or whatever way it’s spelt) more time in the ring than the biggest title in the company (next to the WWE title), that DEVALUES the belt and makes it look cheap.

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