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Reason for the short World Heavyweight title match at Wrestlemania

Apparently the decision was made weeks back to to do a quick World Heavyweight title match at Wrestlemania, despite a lobby within the company against the idea. The word is that the company wanted a new record for the quickest title match at Wrestlemania, however, the Daniel Bryan-Sheamus went eighteen seconds, which didn’t break the record at Wrestlemania 24 – Chavo Guerrero vs. Kane eight second match.


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  1. however says:

    I’m sure in the WWE’s eyes this still qualifies as a record. After all, Chavo v. Kane was for the ECW title so it, like, totally doesn’t even count as a real championship.

    On a less sarcastic note, Miami wrestling fans now make me smile almost as much as Canadian or MSG wrestling fans. :-)

  2. trev_bourne says:

    i understand the funny side on why wwe wanted to do a quick match, but don’t don’t ever ever do it to a title match it just makes a job of the job and the two men in the ring

  3. Matthew says:

    The fact that Miami was booing Sheamus out of the building and chanting YES and DANIEL BRYAN was good enough for me.

    And I will say this: God bless John Cena for putting Bryan over.

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