Wrestlemania 28 coverage: Punk vs. Jericho

Apr 1, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– Promo for WWE Extreme Rules on 4/29

– At ringside, we sell A-Rod and Torrie Wilson

– We see highlights of the Wrestlemania 28 weekend

– Backstage, Punk is preparing for his match when Team Johnny walks by. Laurinaitis tells Punk that he wants a wrestling match tonight, but not a brawl. Laurinaitis says if Punk losses his temper, and gets DQ-ed, he will drop the title to Jericho.

– We see a Punk-Jericho highlight reel.

– They show Andy Garcia

(7) WWE championship: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho.

The story early is that Punk is coming close to getting disqualified, and thus, losing the title to Jericho. Y2J asked Punk how his father his doing. On the outside, Jericho asks about Punk’s sister. Punk brings in a chair, but showed resistant despite Jericho running down Punk’s family.

Jericho suplexed Punk out of the ring from the ring apron.

Lionsault followed by the walls of Jericho, but Punk countered. Two count by Punk. Punk goes to the top rope for the elbow drop, but took too much time and was countered by Jericho.

GTS by Punk, but Jericho got his foot on the bottom rope to force the break.

Lionsault by Jericho, but Punk kicked out. In the middle of the ring, Jericho applies the walls of Jericho, but Punk was able to grab the bottom rope to force the break. On the outside, Punk lunged at Jericho. Code breaker by Jericho, but Punk kicked out. Jericho’s trunks says Best in the World.

GTS countered with the walls of Jericho by Y2J. Punk was able to counter. Anaconda vise, but Jericho was able to kick out. Anaconda vise again, Jericho taps out at 22:20. Punk retains the WWE title.

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