Wrestlemania 28 coverage: Undertaker vs. Triple H

Apr 1, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Backstage, Stryker interviews HBK wearing his referee shirt. HBK said the match tonight, it is in the end of era. Either the end of the streak, or the end of the game. HBK says its ironic for him to hold the power to end an era.

– 78,363 is the announced attendance figure.

– Justin Roberts introduces Jim Ross, now sporting a goatee. Jim Ross joins the announce booth. It appears good ol’ JR has lost a few pounds!

(5) Hell in a Cell match: The Undertaker vs. Triple H (with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee).

Undertaker reveals his long hair is indeed gone, and he now has a very short mohawk. Taker and The Game stare at each other, as the Hell in a Cell cage comes down.

Bell rings, and hard body shots by Taker. Triple H delivered a round of ring hands. Taker tossed The Game to the outside of the ring. A series of head butts on The Game by Undertaker. Taker jammed Hunter’s face into the cage. Taker goes old school with the walk on the top ropes and landing down on Triple H. On the outside, Undertaker smashes the ring step into Hunter’s face. More old school Taker by dropping the leg on the ring apron. The Game answered with a DDT, and smashed Taker’s head into the ring steps that were brought into the ring. Pedigree attempt by Hunter on the steps, but Taker countered and flipped The Game over.

Hells gate applied by The Undertaker, but The Game is able to lift up The Undertaker and slam him to break the hold. Hunter brings in a chair, and uses it on The Undertaker. Hunter uses the chair on Undertaker’s spin, as HBK unsuccessfully tries to stop him. HBK tells The Game that he knows Taker won’t quit, and to cover him. Hunter again goes after Undertaker with a chair. The Game tells HBK to end it, or he will will. Taker tells HBK doesn’t stop the match. The Game covers Undertaker, but Taker kicked out.

The Game goes under the ring, and brings out the sledgehammer as he continues to argue with HBK. The Game nails Taker with the sledgehammer, but again he kicks out! The Game was going to hit The Undertaker in the head, but HBK grabs the sledgehammer to stop him. The Game tells HBK to end it. HBK looks to end the match, as he checks on Taker. Taker applies the hells gate on HBK, as The Game nails Taker with the sledgehammer. Taker stops the sledgehammer, and applies the hells gate on The Game with HBK down on the mat. The games tries to fight out of the hells gate, but Hunter is out, but so is Michaels. Charles Robinson runs down the ring, and unlocks the door. Chokeslam by Taker, but Hunter kicks out.

Undertaker chokeslammed referee Robinson, so again, we don’t have an official. Sweet chin music on Taker, pedigree, but Taker kicked out! HBK couldn’t make it to three. Triple H tosses HBK out of the ring, as the Undertaker catches a second wind and goes after Hunter. Snakes eyes by Taker! Leg drop on Triple H, and a tombstone. HBK comes back in, but only a two count! The two tired men exchange right hands. Pedigree by Hunter, but Taker again kicked out.

Michaels continues to look conflicted in the corner. Triple H finds the sledgehammer, but Taker steps on Hunter, and nails him with a chair. Chair shots by Taker on Triple H. Taker attempted a quick pin fall attempt, but it was unsuccessful. Hunter again grabs the sledgehammer, but Taker sees him. Taker stops Triple H from using the sledgehammer. DX chomp by Hunter, but he appears to have nothing left in the tank. Tombstone piledriver by Taker, and HBK counts 1, 2, 3 at 30:50. Taker is 20-0, as the streak continues.

After the match, HBK helped Undertaker back up to his feet. HBK raised The Taker’s hand. They shot off pyro, and put up in lights, 20-0. Taker and HBK help up The Game, and assisted him to the back. As JR, that is respect. As fans cheered, HBK, Hunter, and Undertaker hugged.

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