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Photo: Undertaker, Triple H, and HBK after their match

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  1. johnnyb says:

    Three of the greatest ever! There will NEVER EVER be wrestlers as good as these three were

  2. Ronald B. says:

    This is NOT the END OF AN ERA.

  3. Kerry says:

    These aren’t wrestlers, these are entertainers & they are three of the best at doing that!

  4. -J- says:

    these are the old school guys that tell the entire dialogue through their work in the ring, that’s the wwe I remember.

  5. RaveN says:

    Vince’s butt kisser’s ..

  6. dx4life says:

    When I think of the WWE, I think of these three men. This is the WWE i remember watching as a kid. LEGENDS!

  7. steve says:

    You guys throw around the word legend a lot.

  8. Frank Garrett says:

    Three of the most overrated overhyped tv stars ever.

  9. CodyBadger says:

    J – Really. “tell the entire dialogue through their work in the ring.”? Seriously how can anyone say that about HHH? HHH who gives 30 minute promos that put everyone to sleep…. He is no legend.

  10. Beast says:

    Frank – This was the BEST Match of the night.

  11. -J- says:

    CodyBader building the match is a necessary evil of the wwe hype machine but when you get guys in the ring like taker, hhh, and hbk and the ring psychology gets underway and they put it all out there and bring resolution to the story in the ring its fun to watch…that match delivered in my opinion.

  12. Scott says:

    This match was fantastic and a credit to wrestling. It had everything. As a 35 year fan of every territory, fed and company, I would tell you all that any wrestling group would give there shirt to have this type of match on the show. To disrespect this match is just being a smartass. Respect was earned a long time ago for these guys. This was why they are still ahead of so many of the younger more athletically gifted guys. They told a beautiful story.

  13. Mr. Perfect says:

    @Scott – Amen. Glad to see real intelligent fans still around and defending the product we know this can be!

  14. TakerMark says:

    As a fan oc Undertaker and rest of the two from the attitude era so to speak im in all respect for these guys triple h and taker are warriors , the thing that seperates them from the new genereation is to tell a story they are storytellers and thats why no one in this generation can or will outshine them tha the truth.

    Taker looked in good shape and move very well it looked like that year of and the operations he had did the work, if the gave him a year of like this he kan at least 3 more years in my humble opion

  15. suneet says:

    hbk,hhh nd taker unforgetable match… any one who watch dis match never forget this moment… these three r most tuffest guyz in wwe and they earned THE RESPECT of all the wwe universe… without them there is fun in watching wwe

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