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Update on a potential Wrestlemania spoiler

Dave Meltzer is reporting that former WWE and UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has arrived in Miami with security and large group of people protecting him for the public. It has yet to be confirmed that Lesnar and WWE have worked out a one-year contract, but apparently the deal on the table would give him a reduced WWE travel schedule.

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  1. Jono K says:

    I love that he is returning, but is his heart in it at all?

  2. -J- says:

    Will he catch heat like the rock did, for distancing himself from wwe?

    So much for him saying “If you lived in a cave for the last 50 years, you will probably think is real but it not. I go as Brock Lesnar the UFC Fighter” at UFC 141.

  3. Beast says:

    Screw Brock. He needs a pay check.

  4. joey says:

    Lol you posters are some of the most miserable and condescending bunch of losers ever. Id rather see Brock return than that skinny twerp bryan Danielson

  5. Killpgnow says:

    brock said that b4 he found out he cant take a hard liver shot. i knew he’d go back at some point.

  6. AJ Starr says:

    And that’s why you won’t ever be considered a wrestling fan, Joey.

    Brock was refusing to sign WWE stuff to fans for a long time after he left the company. He’s a pompous a** and nothing more.

  7. ironFNmaiden says:

    @ Joey

    I agree, The Bryan Danielson World Title reign has been nothing but bore, with most of his victories being unclean pins. I understand that he is a heel but a heel champion should still win major matches out right. His last major title defense was a clean pin over Satino

  8. Matt says:

    What a waste of money on a guy who has failed multiple times. He’s not good at wrestling, he’s not good at football and he’s not good at mma, stop giving this guy work in things he just can’t do good at. He’s always hyped and never delivers, just save us the problem of wasting time. There’s too many good people in the WWE for Lesnar to come back and hog spotlight from

  9. jason says:

    He disrespected the buisness how dare he even come bk

  10. -J- says:

    lame ass comparison, I’d rather see Lesnar than the funkasaurus.

  11. Ahmad says:

    @Joey yea a sick 30-something past his prime Lesnar, with 2 intestinal surgeries, who’s obviously only doing it for a paycheck, vs Bryan, a young prime well-rounded wrestler whose great in the ring and on the mic, who busted his ass for years on the circuit and is going into WM as the WHC? I agree, we’re so miserably foolish.

  12. james says:

    April fools?

  13. jack says:

    If they want to bring Lesner back, fine. I have no problem with that. But please wait until after Wrestlemania. This is supposed to be all about The Rock’s return and has been hyped for over a year. Bringing Lesner back at WM and stealing even some of the Rock’s thunder is wrong.

  14. craig says:

    The “pain” Brock Lesnar vs. The “funkasaurus” Brodus Clay= return of wwe superstars on TV. Lol

  15. Ho Kogan says:

    Lmao, Joey is 100% right.

    Don’t like it, don’t watch.

    and @AJ Starr Who the hell are you to say someone else isnt a wrestling fan? Thought everyone was entitled to their own opinion, right or wrong.

    On a side note, some of you need to remove your heads from your ass, it’s not 1998 anymore. Times change, get with it or get lost.

  16. dave says:

    Ho Kogan, funny you say that but Cena has given interviews saying he prefers the old days, when wrestlers were allowed to say things as they wanted, and not so scripted. That could be his own opinion but when WWE guys are interviewed, it’s always with a WWE rep who will tell them what they shouldn’t say or not. Cena is also their top guy, in terms of merch and year round visibility and I don’t think he’d make a comment like that sparingly. I could be wrong.

    With Brock and Batista coming back, the rumors of Rock being part time and SCSA even returning, I sense PG will be slowly phased out. I don’t know. Stick with it, enjoy the returns and what they could mean, it’ll certainly shake things up and give some star power. IF they begin to create new stars with the presence of the returnees then even better. 2012 could be the turning point for the WWE to become a better product.

    Finally, opinions on here aren’t gospel, it’s all subjective and your opinions will go by your judgement of character and your own likes and dislikes. Say what you want but whatever you say, some of you need to chill the f**k out.

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