Staff Wrestlemania predictions – Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy

Mar 31, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Cody A. Springer: This one’s probably a toss up, because the winning team will be solely based upon which guy they want on both shows, every week. Some say Johnny’s too busy being Talent Relations Man, but I honestly don’t buy that. My belief is that Johnny will win, but eventually be fired sometime in the year, so we will end up getting Teddy back anyway. If they know how to do a proper finish, Drew will get the pin to shove it in Teddy’s face after he fired him. But who knows?
Prediction: Team Excitement

Amanda Chamers: My personal preference is Team Teddy, just because I can’t stand Laurinaitis. I would prefer it if he went away and left the managering to Teddy. Both teams are pretty evenly matched as far as size and talent and athleticism and all those good things, so on that basis alone it’s really hard to say. Personal preference is all I have to go on. I think it’ll be good, as there is the potential for a lot of great matchups within the two teams.

Steven Matthews: I actually thought this match would have been a great opener. The match is full of some high mid card stars but also confuses me a little. I didn’t expect Booker T to compete on this show but maybe it’s a reward for a great series of matches he had with Cody Rhodes. And I also understand that a body for Team Johnny was needed but Drew McIntyre? A guy who’s won one match against Hornswoggle gets the nod? I suppose it’s a plesant surprise but this match would probably look better if it involved Christian or even Alberto Del Rio. I’m actually torn on this match because it’s hard to pick a winner. Based on WrestleMania history, matches like these tend to favor the faces but I’m taking a risk here and saying that Team Johnny will win and Laurinaitis will run both Raw and SmackDown but no matter who wins, the winning GM will not run both shows for very long.

Michael Riba: Honestly, I could see this match going either way. The injury to Wade Barrett, which caused the Money in the Bank match to get scrapped from the card and replaced with this match, probably gave some of these guys a spot on the card. I’m a fan of both Big Johnny running Raw and Teddy running Smackdown, but I’m not sure if I would like one man running both shows. I am a fan of men on both teams in this match, and I really am not going to like seeing some of them lose on the biggest show of the year. In the end, however, I believe The Miz will get the win for Team Johnny after about 10-15 minutes. I also wonder if Christian will still get his title shot, when he is healthy, if Team Johnny wins.
Prediction: Team Johnny

Dave Kilgore: I say team Johnny scores the win. They have more talent in higher profiles though it will be good to see Booker T back in ring. I get the feeling of a well-oiled machine going up against a group selected from the playground. I don’t see what Team Teddy’s individuals have to gain by winning.

The Starman: A team of mostly comedic wrestlers against a team of heels. Due to the stipulation of this match, I have to side with Team Johnny. Teddy Long’s tenure as the Smackdown GM has become stale and there is more that can be done with Laurinaitis as the GM.

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