Staff Wrestlemania predictions – Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show

Mar 31, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Cody A. Springer: Show will get his Mania Moment, and Cody will drop the title so he can move on up the card to the main event, where he should be.
Prediction: Big Show

Amanda Chamers: Cody Rhodes on the basis that the Big Show never wins titles despite all evidence to the contrary that he should just hold every title ever, and in one hand at that. Though it would be kind of hilarious to watch Cody get like squashed right out of the gate, after all the stuff he’s been talking about Show this whole time. And maybe it’s time for Show to hold a title. Give the man some incentive. It’d be nice.

Steven Matthews: Cody Rhodes is currently the longest reigning Champion in the WWE. And now he competes in his third WrestleMania match against a man who has entered three different WrestleManias as a Champion and competed in three other Championship matches at the ‘Grandaddy of them All.’ Rhodes has taken shot after shot at The Big Show for having some embarrassing moments at WrestleMania, even though Show has won his last two WrestleMania matches. I can’t see Rhodes winning but it’s also hard to see The Big Show as the Intercontinental Champion. So I’ll take another risk and say that Big Show will find a way to win, though getting beat for most of the match. If Cody wins however, I can easily see someone returning or debuting, leading to Show’s downfall on that night.

Michael Riba: When he competes in this match, The Big Show will become the first man in WWE history to compete for the WWE, World Heavyweight, World Tag Team, United States, and Intercontinental Championships at WrestleMania. In the previous 4 titles matches, he is 1-3. After his Intercontinental Championship Match with Cody Rhodes, he will be 1-4. Cody needs this win much more than Show does, and I don’t think Rhodes’ title run will be ending anytime soon. I see this match going somewhere around 8 minutes.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes

Dave Kilgore: Big Show has to prove he isn’t a joke or choke artist at WM. Rhodes is the champ. Show puts up a good fight, but by hook or crook, Rhodes wins and keeps the title.

The Starman: Cody Rhodes getting into Big Show’s head with his WrestleMania losing streak has been fun to watch. The streak will continue for the Big Show as Cody Rhodes retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

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