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Detailed Recap of The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 4


Episode 4: All the Pressure

The show opens with Justin Lawrence celebrating in the Team Cruz locker room and states that he is not satisfied with this win or even winning the Ultimate Fighter. He says he won’t be happy until the UFC belt is around his waist. Dominick Cruz is all smiles and states that he is happy whenever he beats Faber in anything. At the house, Andy Ogle can’t stand being there since two of his team mates lost and Michael Chiesa wants to get the hammer back because he feels Team Cruz believes they are better than them.


Team Cruz Training Session #1

Dominick Cruz prepares Jury for his fight and also spends a lot of time with the other fighters because they can be called at anytime. Jermey Larsen says trainings are intense because Cruz doesn’t let you slack one bit. Mike Rio hurts his knee as he gets dropped in sparring by a spinning back fist from Myles Jury. Medical team come into the cage to check on Rio and he says this won’t stop.


Monday at the House

The fighters are starting to miss life back home. Andy Ogle is writing some poetry while Myles Jury is a loner and says he needs a lot of time before he can warm up to people. Chris Tickle misses his family while John Cofer entertains his house mates with some impersonations of Dominick Cruz


Team Faber Training Session #1

Al Iaquinta talks about missing season 12 because of a broken hand and feels it was a blessing in disguise because he had more time to train. Iaquinta wants to work on defense but Faber tells him he wants Jury to be on the defensive and tells Iaquinta “you didn’t so something right if you are not tired at the end of 10 minuets”.


Tuesday at the House

Urijah Faber visits the house because he feels the fighters will go stir crazy being there for three months. He brings in life coach, Jim Peterson to help the fighters mentally deal with the constant competition they face during the competition. Chris Tickle chimes stating “I don’t need no damn life coach” and says a life coach is for someone who is mentally weak. He also says “I never have had no life coach or mentor in my dame life and why would I need one now?”


Team Cruz training session #2

Mike Rio’s knee is still bothering him and states these are the card he’s been dealt but is trying to make sure he doesn’t limp around anyone on the blue team. Cruz works the focus mitts with Myles Jury and says he is an animal but says he leaps too much and wants to work on that for the fight. Cruz wants Myles to keep Iaquinta guessing with faints. Myles has been christened MFJ for Myles “Fury” Jury.


Wednesday at the House

Daron Cruickshank suggests to his team that Mike Rio should be picked when they control of the fight selection since he is banged up and Andy Ogle wants the fight since Rio knocked out his friend to get into the house. Jury feels he has nothing to lose by fighting Faber’s top guy because he is the one coming off of injury…So is Iaquinta.



Myles Jury 154 lbs     Al Iaquinta : 155 lbs


                                 Al Iaquinta   vs   Myles Jury  (Referee Josh Rosenthal)















Round 1: Iaquinta stalks Jury and lands a combo left uppercut and over hand right. Jury replies with a left right combo to the jaw. Iaquinta lands two loud leg kicks and Jury replies with an over hand right that misses. Iaquinta double jabs and lands another leg kick. Jury misses a flying knee and Iaquinta sneaks in a jab. Jury misses a head kick and shoots for the takedown but it’s stuffed. Jury lands a head kick and pins Iaquinta against the fence but take each other down to the mat and spend 30 seconds working for the submission while tangled in a small package position for you WWE fans. They get up but Jury hits a waist lock takedown and works for a rear naked choke for the remainder of the round. The rest of the fighters watching on are really into this one.


Round 2: Jury kicks Iaquinta low and he takes a few seconds to recover. Jury almost connects with a head kick and Iaquinta connects with two jabsand chases him but Jury regains his composure. Iaquinta is now pressing the action and catches a kick by Jury and presses him against the fence but Jury stuns him with backfist and chases him for the finish but Iaquinta catches him coming in with an over hand right that stuns Jury. They trade punches back and forth and Iaquinta regains control of the center of the Octagon. They continue to trade punches and kicks and neither fighter will give an inch. Iaquinta shoots for the takedown by Jury scrambles and takes his back while pinning him against the fence. Iaquinta scrambles out and is stalking Jury. Jury lands an uppercut and a knee to the body but Iaquinta is unfazed and Jury shoots for the double leg and takes him down in the center of the cage which ends the round. There needs to be a third round for this one. The judges score the fight a draw and we go to sudden victory.


Sudden Victory Round: Iaquinta comes out very aggressive and stalks Jury against the fence landing an over hand right and left but Jury shakes it off. Iaquinta briefly stuns Jury with an over hand left. Jury throws a high kick but Iaquinta is landing more often. Iaquinta continues to stalk and Jury attempts a high kick but misses. Jury made one last push during the final minute but Iaquinta’s cage control was just a little more effective. This very well could have been the fight of the season.


Winner: Al Iaquinta via split decision


The Pick:

Urijah Faber gets his first fight pick of the season and chooses Michael Chiesa to fight Jeremy Larson from Team Cruz. Faber states in front of everyone that he picked Larson because Dominick said during the fighter evaluations that Larson has trouble with tough wrestlers and that’s out show.

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