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Owen Hart wins the Greatest Wrestler without a World Title Tournament

Greatest Wrestler without a World Title Tournament – The Finals

(1) Owen Hart (52%, 577 Votes)
(1) Roddy Piper (48%, 531 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,108

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40 Responses

  1. Atlee Greene says:

    I have two theories. If Owen was alive he would have won the WWF title shortly after Bret won his first WCW title or he would have been in the Chris Benoit spot at Wrestlemania 20.

  2. Really? says:

    I’d put Flair well above Piper, though both are all time greats. I’d also put Owen well above Jarrett, though Jarrett is seriously underrated by some people…probably as backlash to being overpushed in WCW and TNA.

  3. Seasrmar says:

    Well, like many, I think Owen Hart deserve this victory. Also, like many, I think Owen would have won the WWF title if it wasn’t for his tragedy. I sometimes wonder what sort of storyline he would be in, especially for the title. Perhaps, it would be him getting the major push to main event status instead of Triple H. I remember back in 1999, I was sort of shocked to hear Triple H won the title. At that time, I didn’t see Triple H being main event capable. I can see instead of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, we could perhaps we would have the McMahon-Hart Faction. I think that be a great storyline. Vince screw a Hart and now got one for a son in law.

  4. Wabash says:

    Flair and Piper fought with and against each other for hundreds of matches. They are very similar wrestling icons and even they would agree with that. Owen and Jarrett were great upper midcarders who could do main event matches when the bigger names were unavailable. Owen was 34 years old when he died and he had been on the same level as Jeff Jarrett for the previous 2 years.

  5. Rex Anderson says:

    Owen does deserve this victory. I witnessed him death as a child in person. I know deep down he was next to win the World title. He was long overdue, and this is very great way to say thank you to a great wrestler.

  6. Really? says:

    Its true that Flair and Piper were both at the same level for a few years. Then Flair surpassed him, in the ring and on the mic, and never looked back. That is to take nothing away from Piper. Piper is, no doubt about it, an all time great.

  7. Jonathon says:

    The question I have is If Owen Hart didn’t die in Kansas City, would you have still voted for him? Personally, I found the seeding and where they were placed a little shady. Another gripe, and being consistent I feel the same way at the contests at different All-Star Games, that this is why you don’t put the power in the hands of the fan. They’re just going to pick who they liked best, not who’s REALLY the best.

  8. Denis says:

    The fact that Bruiser Brody wasn’t in the finals is a shame.

  9. rob says:

    Regal got robbed …

  10. Really? says:

    Yes, I was always a big fan of Owen. IMO he was better than Bret. I believe if it weren’t for that slip-up in his Intercontinental title match with Austin causing an injury, he would have been world champion BEFORE he died.

  11. Anon says:

    As much as we all love Owen and how tragic it was the way his life ended, in reality he was never in the same league as Piper and quite a few others in this tournament. People only voted for Owen because of the way he died.

  12. Triple_P says:


    I have disagree with the naysayers who believe Owen won this tournament only because he died or because of the way he died. I think it is very important that you naysayer go watch the matches of Owen Hart against his brother Bret. Especially the match the two had at Wrestlemania 10. That match in my opinion guaranteed that Owen would have become a future world heavyweight champion if had lived, and then The Hart Brothers would have been held in the same breath as the Funk brothers legacy and being inducted in the WWE hall of fame.

    However, it seems to me that people who don’t feel that Owen was worthy only seem to remember the last gimmick of him being the “Blue Blazer” over the rest of his entire wrestling career. Minus the “Blue Blazer” gimmicks and storylines, Owen Hart would have made a very credible champion. I truly think his wrestling career could have surpassed Bret’s career.

    Besides that, Owen would have been chosen to be a world champion way faster than JBL or Mark Henry. I have no problem with either of those gentleman’s reigns, but I believe that Owen would have been a considerable more believable world champion than them.

    Besides that, could you imagine if Owen had wrestled Undertaker on his streak? Or how about Owen wrestling Chris Jericho, C.M. Punk, or even Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson)? Those matches would have been instant classics, guaranteed.

    What if Owen Hart could have been the one that retired Ric Flair? Or maybe even Shawn Michaels? You guys cannot tell me that those feuds would not have been intersting, compelling, or money-making matches. People would have love to paid to see and to have been there to watch all the wrestling technical excellence.

    Last but not least, I am so confident that Owen would be held in the same limelight that has been shown and given to Edge. Another Canadian wrestler. In fact, some of Edge’s reigns may as well could have been Owen’s, had he lived. I guarantee you guy that there definitely would have been some great matches for the world title between Edge and Owen Hart.

    Please review the Owen Hart matches before the Blue Blazer gimmick, and then come back here and reveal your “opinions”!

    Thanks for reading.

    P.S. I now have the opportunity to do what I need to do to try to convince Martha Hart to allow a dvd to be made of Owen without any help or influence from WWE. Therefore, they cannot capitalize on him and it can be the closure that the wrestling fans and community need to say goodbye to one of wrestling’s greatest legends, the winner of this tournament…”The Greatest Wrestling Legend to never win a World title”.

    Please keep my goal in your prayers, so that I may be successful in convincing Mrs. Hart the necessity for this. If I am not able to appeal to her senses, then perhaps I can convince her children, Oje and Athena, with this matter. The kids were 8 & 6 in 1999, according to my math that means they are both legal adults now that it has been almost 13 years later. Oje should be about 21 and Athena 19, therefore they are considered adults in a court of law and can decide for themselves if they want their father’s legacy to be revealed on dvd or not.

  13. heavy n I know it says:

    wow?!, cause he died, which is tragic and sad but greatest w/o a heavyweight title no way, must not be professional wrestling fans voting just wwe fans

  14. rebel says:

    @Triple_P. Thank you. Not for sharing my opinion, but for being intelligent about it. Reply here with a one-time e-mail if you want some old Owen footage.

  15. hornedog says:

    he is a one time world champion he was the uswa unified world heavy weight champion which was the wwf title at the time

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