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News on Rey Mysterio, Jake Sheilds, Jaynie Mae Baker, and more

- From Kris Zellner: Perros del Mal have now been traumatized as they announced yesterday that Las Traumas I y II are now the newest members of the promotion. Traumas said that they wanted to take a step forward in their career this year and joining PdM will get them in higher profile matches in AAA.

– Jake Shields is moving back up to 185. Expect to see him back around August or so.

– From Jeff Sheridan: WWE Diva wannabe Jaynie Mae Baker on‏ and another article on Baker‏

– WWE tweeted: Rey Mysterio talks to Telemundo @holtzchildren @jhsmiami about meeting the kids at the hospital.

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  1. McMahon says:

    Shields should have gone right back up to 185 after losing to GSP. Not surprising to see him bump back up though.

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