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WWE main eventer to star in Marine 3

The third installment of The Marine will feature Randy Orton, which will entitled Marine: Homefront. Production for the film begins 6/11 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Marine: Homefront will be released straight to DVD.

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  1. -J- says:

    is he playing a robot? zzzzzzzzzzz

  2. McMahon says:

    I hope he goes AWOL in the movie.

  3. jimjackjohnny says:

    He’ll play a soldier who went AWOL…wait…

  4. Will says:

    (Scene: Orton gets shot)
    Orton: Ouch.
    (Scene: Orton rescues wife)
    Orton: Hooray. I found you. I am happy.
    (Scene: Orton goes down a slide with daughter)
    Orton: Wee.

  5. says:

    Bad choice, lawls!

  6. Kerry says:

    Unless he gets injured again before they start filming.

  7. MattR says:

    I would’ve rather had Zack Ryder, David Otunga, Ezekial Jackson, Justin Gabriel, or heck even Hornswoggle instead. I’m a huge fan of Orton, and this means he’ll probably miss a couple months. Hopefully not though.

  8. Jono says:

    Is he going to get discharged in the film too?

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