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Randy Orton comments on The Marine 3

Orton via Twitter:

Looks like I’ll be filming a movie in the summer, Marine 3. Always have wanted to do an action movie, and I’m finally getting the chance.

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  1. AJ Starr says:

    Too bad he could’ve had action in the real service, and he chose to go AWOL instead.

  2. N. Gaijin says:

    I know he’s one of the top stars for the company, but you really have to wonder what they were thinking considering his history. Who would want to see a movie about a Marine who is played by someone who failed to serve his country when given the chance. Granted, he’s grown a lot since then and what has passed has passed, but why, of all things, would they cast someone who went AWOL as a Marine? Surely there were other horrible action movie ideas they had in WWE Studios, right?

  3. dooman says:

    instead of straight to DVD this one should go straight to 4am on some wierd channel

  4. -J- says:

    Hope he goes around dropping random RKOs on the villains, that’s about the only interesting about Randal.

  5. jannie says:

    It wood be cinda cool to see randy hit the RKO in the movie

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