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Owen Hart advances to the finals

Greatest Wrestler without a World Title Tournament – Final Four

(1) Owen Hart (62%, 304 Votes)
(2) Jake Roberts (38%, 188 Votes)

Total Voters: 492

Hart advances to the finals

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  1. Justin says:

    Wow shocker…. Popularity reigns supreme. Sorry I thought Owen was great but not in the league of some of the others in this tournament.

  2. Jake says:

    @Justin; I’m on those few people who can say I was an Owen Hart fan before he passed away, and by all means I think he is the most deserving wrestler of being the greatest who never got the title. Think of all he did when he was allowed to wrestle top tier matches with guys who were the champ and guys who were going to become the champ. He faced Bret in a great brother versus brother feud; he “knocked out” Shawn Michaels with the Insugiri kick and had a fun run with that; he gave Steve Austin a great run in 97 for the IC title (breaking his neck was an accident and shouldn’t be counted against him, imo); he made Triple actually have good matches over the European title for the beginning of 98; and he was one of those wrestlers who knew how to play any type of character on the mic and in the ring.

    He was the gateway wrestler that everyone had to pass through before they were allowed to become heavyweight champions, and he should have had the title at least once.

  3. Kid Vicious says:

    it’s a tough one. all of the last four were great. is owen getting the posthumous vote? probably. but of the last four he was the most likely to be handed the title (assuming wwf) at some point.

    can you honestly have seen jake having the title at some point in the late 80’s? how would they have written that in? he’d have never gone over hogan, so you’d be looking at a win over macho man. but why would they cut his reign short in an era of long reigns?

    same with piper – they could never have put the belt on him whilst the wwf was on the rise. they needed him as the antagonist to hogan’s hero. to an extent it’s the same with dibiase, although he could’ve easily have been champion for wm4.

    owen on the other hand was from an era of shorter reigns and a different type of product. he had the ability and the charisma to have a run with the belt during the wwf exodus of the mid-late 90’s. does that make him more worthy than the other 3? no, but certainly more likely.

  4. havok says:

    im 22, but im an oldschool fan. owen is gonna get the win strictly because he died at a wwe, im an owen fan and he deserved to be world champion, but not over guys like roberts, piper and dibiase

  5. rebel says:

    Well, I’m 34 and have had the pleasure of seeing three of the final four wrestle in person (two against each other). The one I never got to see was Owen, but I followed his career from the beginning (Stampede). Back then he was one of the most over faces anywhere, his ability to draw love and admiration from the fans was insane. Then came the WWF, where he introduced a completely new, never before seen style, but his spots never hampered his in-ring psychology. The Blazer was one of the few faces who got praise on commentary from Jesse Ventura. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with any of the final four winning this thing, and yes, I do realize that Owen went over Jake mostly due to the ignorance of the voters, but to say that he was not in his league is plainly stupid. There is a certain peak you can reach in wrestling, all four of them did.

  6. rassler says:

    @kid: It’s called GREATEST without title, not most LIKELY! That’s a big difference.

  7. Kid Vicious says:

    @rass: i realise that. i’m just putting an hypothesis forward as to why owen is going to win this. a) he’s dead, b) it’s easy to picture him holding the belt at some point with the roster as weak as it was back then.

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