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Jim Ross on who suprises him that isn’t in the WWE hall of fame

– Jim Ross talks Wrestlemania, Yokozuna’s HOF induction, Peyton Manning at this link

– Speaking of the WWE Hall of Fame and JR, Ross is asked on Twitter, “who’s not in the #WWE HOF that you are surpised isnt already?” JR replied, “Dan Hodge … greatest living amateur turned pro ever”

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  1. Really? says:

    They should have asked a follow up question, “Okay, now can you name someone who should be in the Hall of Fame who isn’t from Oklahoma since you are completely obsessed with your home state?”

  2. The Wordman says:

    J.R. may be biased with his home state but when it comes to Danny Hodge, he is right on the money. The man was a phenomenal amateur wrestling (the Dan Hodge Trophy is the amateur wrestling equivalent of the Heisman Trophy). As a pro, he held the NWA Jr Heavyweight Championship longer than anyone else in history.

    He was inducted into the Pro Wrestling Hall of fame in 2007. I’m a UT alumni, Texas proud, but I agree with J.R. Danny Hodge definitely deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  3. Renato says:

    Who now?

  4. -J- says:

    …waits for Kurt angle to chime in from his drunken soap box about JR comment.

  5. Really? says:

    I never said Hodge wasn’t accomplished, but they don’t usually induct someone based mostly on their amateur achievements. Hodge held a minor NWA title many times…but Lou Thesz isn’t even in the Hall of Fame yet.

    Neither are Bob Backlund or Bruno Sammartino (although at least with him there’s a reason.) I’d think Hodge would at least be behind Thesz, Backlund, Randy Savage and arguably Owen Hart.

    Face it, J.R. is more than just a little biased, not that it matters that much I guess.

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